Monday, August 17, 2009

Dr. Scholl's and Beto's

2009_08_17 Week 20 in Valencia - Email to Mom

Hey! How are things going? I am doing good. Today we are in La Mana having our pday. We came to La Mana because there is a place here that sells pizza that is really good. Today we split a meat lover’s pizza. It cost us four dollars each. That is really pretty good here when normally pizza is really expensive.

Well things are going pretty good. Dexy passed her interview Sunday and she will be getting baptised this Friday. She asked me to baptise her, so that is pretty cool. The really cool thing is that yesterday we were teaching our class in church and Dexy and Isabell were both there. We told everybody that was in our class that Dexy was going to be baptised and Dexy stood and bore her testimony that she was going to make a covenant with God and that it was something really sacred for her and do you know what happened? Isabell heard and she got excited and now she too wants to be baptised the week after Dexy, so now we have two baptisms. That is going to be so cool when it all works out.

So besides that we are working really hard trying to activate the less active members which is really working out good because we are finding lots of investigators through them and that gives us more reasons to visit the less active families and get them active again. So that is really cool. Today we have three Family Home Evenings. We are going on splits. Elder Hernandez will do one and I am going to see if I can combine the other two into one. If not, I will have to do two short ones, but let’s see what happens. It is really cool. The bishop here is really pushing to visit the people and it is paying off. We are seeing more and more people here in the church each week. This change is going to be a good one. I can feel it! I have a really good companion and we are working really hard. We are going to have lots of success. Well, if there is something else you want to know let me know. Ok?

I thought of a few other things that I want. Could you send me a pair of Doctor Scholl's insoles? Mine are about dead and here in Ecuador you just cut a piece of cardboard and put in your shoes when the insole dies, so if you could send me a pair my feet would really appreciate it.

Oh, ya, if you could send me Carne Asada Fries I would really appreciate it, too. Just put them on dry ice and send them and they will get here ok. I’m sure of it.

If not, send me a breakfast burrito. There is enough grease to preserve it, so don´t worry it will still be good when it gets here.

Things are really looking good now, so don´t worry. I haven´t gotten the pictures ready to send, so I´m sorry. Maybe next week.

One of Curtis's favorite places to eat is Beto's Mexican Restaurant. Their Breakfast Burritos are huge and the boys all love them. I was not so impressed because of all the grease, but all three of my boys love to eat there. They get so excited over a box of Carne Asada Fries! They are tasty, but I can only eat just a few. I wish I could send him some as a treat, but it is one sacrifice he will have to make. It will make him appreciate them more when he gets back home.
I wonder if he is getting tired of his diet of healthy rice and fruit?

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