Monday, April 6, 2009

2009_04_06 Transfer to Valencia Clain

Hi Curtis,

Nitro is doing great we play with her lots. I am going to take her to Ogden Bay this week. I saved some ducks to train the dogs this summer.

We have new Elder missionaries in our area. They come to mission prep every week. They taught a lesson a couple of weeks ago.

I have been working a lot. I am going to work tomorrow for 8 to 10 hours because we don't have school this week.

Did you like general conference?
Did you see the Priesthood session?
Have you killed any more mice?
What was your favorite talk?
Have you had any good experiences?
Do you want any more deer jerky?
How was the deer jerky I sent you?



Hey buddy,

Elder Robert D. Hales

How are you doing? The conference was great we had two investigators come to the conference with us. I didn´t get to see the afternoon sessions or the Priesthood session. My favorite talk was by Elder Hales, Provident Living. This talk would really help the people of Ecuador if they would practice this in their lives, because sometimes we see things that we think we need when we really don´t need them and when we buy on impulse we aren´t living prudently.

Today I changed zone and sector. Now I am in Quevedo North in the sector called Valencia. My companion is Elder Neyra. He is from Peru, like my other companions have been.

If you could, send me more jerky, I would like that very much. The jerky was very good. I guess I taught you well how to make jerky.

Well buddy, I have to go, but I love you lots. Keep going to Mission Prep. It will help you a lot. Tell them you want to learn more from Preach My Gospel, because the manual is for us to learn how to be missionaries.

I love you.

Elder Goode

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