Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009_04_20 Week 3 Valencia Mom

Hey! How is it going. Sorry we didn´t get to the cyber in the morning. We went to some waterfalls with Elder Bartolomei and his companion, Elder Gabino. The waterfalls are in my sector. There are seven waterfalls that are one after another. It is really cool. We took a lot of pictures and had a lot of fun.

That is neat. I saw some photos of some waterfalls on Google Earth. I wondered if you would get to go see them. I am glad you did. How has your week been? Did your baptism work out?

Yeah. My baptisms didn’t work out this week, but we are working on it. Here are some pictures.

What is the name of the place where the waterfalls are?

Mountain Mana. The waterfalls are called the Chorreras of the Mana. I gotta go. I love you very much.

Curtis only managed to send us one photo of the waterfalls.

This is a map of the Sector where Curtis is serving. La Mana is actually in the Quito mission, but La Mana is isolated by the mountains, so Curtis's sector crosses into the Quito Mission to pick up this area.

Google Maps had this map of the terrain in the area. There are photos placed on the map of some of the waterfalls that Curtis talked about. I would assume the water is flowing from South to North on this map or down out of the mountains towards La Mana.

These links have additional photos of the waterfalls taken by a visitor who posts as spektrumkry on Panoramio.




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