Monday, July 27, 2009

2009_07_27 Week 17 Valencia Dad

Dear Curtis

How is everything going? Did you have a good Birthday Saturday? What did you do on your p-day last week? Mom just called and told me that you were on so email me back.

I Love You, Love Dad

Hey, things are going good here. Last week, they were trying to upgrade the internet here in Valencia and they did something wrong, so they lost the internet. So we couldn´t write because there wasn´t internet. Things are going good. We haven´t had any baptisms, but we are working on it.

What did you do on your p-day last week? Have you been doing anything with your district for fun on p-days?

We bought food, tried to use the internet, cleaned the house, slept and then went to a family home evening. No, we usually don´t do anything with our district because we are a ways away from everything. We are in our own city, so we usually just stay here by ourselves for our p-days.

I have got to go take a shower the missionary are coming for dinner they
should be here in 20 minutes.

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