Monday, July 27, 2009

2009_07_27 Week 17 Valencia Mom

Hey how are things going? I am doing good. Sorry for last week. they are trying to make the internet here in Valencia faster, upgrading I guess. But last week we were in the cyber just starting to read our emails when they did something wrong with the upgrade and all of the internet was lost. I don´t know how, but that is what they told me this week when I asked about it.

Are you healthy and happy?

Ya! I am just fine.

Did you have a good birthday on Saturday?

Ya! It was great! I ate lunch with the family that we normally eat lunch with and then went to our house and ate lunch again with the family that lives next door. We ate lasagna and we had a cake. They call it a three milk cake. It is really good. Then we went to the church and I taught English and then we went to the Esperansa and we ate with a sister there, the one that I told you about a few weeks ago that loves to cook for us. Then we came back here to Valencia and went to the house because it was late.

Have you had any baptisms the past two weeks?

No, but we are working on it. We have a few people that are getting ready. We are working on it.

Do you have any investigators with baptismal dates set?

We have the baptism date with Esther, but she didn´t come to church, so we will have to wait longer to baptise her.

How are all of the people you have told us about recently doing? Give us some updates on their progress, please.

Everybody is doing good. We are working on visiting everybody, but our Bishop has just set up a new family home evening plan where every night there is a family home evening in the house of a family here in Valencia and everybody wants the missionaries to come to their family home evenings. So we are visiting with a lot of members and we are getting a lot of good references, but it is taking away from the people that we were already teaching. So it makes it a little bit harder to visit everybody, but we are trying.

How are things with your companion going?

Things are going good. We are getting along good and he seems to be progressing a lot. So for me that is a good sign.

Are you both working hard?

Yeah. We are working very hard right now.

Are you getting along well?


How was your Zone Conference? Tell us about it in detail.

It was really good. We learned a lot about how to help people that are inactive to come back to church and we have been putting it into practice and it is really working well.

Have you passed off your Maestro?

No. I am still working on it.

Are there many mosquitos out during the day? Are you wearing Deet?

No and No

How is the weather? Are you still getting burnt all the time? Are you wearing sunscreen?

It is a little cooler right now. Yes, but not badly and no.

How are your allergies? Are you taking any medication?

Doing good. I haven’t had problems for a while now. No and I don´t need any more either.

Which packages have you received? Describe what was in each one you have received, if you can. We still have not received yours. I guess we will consider it lost.

I have received the three birthday packages and the three hump day packages.
I got the package that I sent to you guys back last week. I guess they can´t send this package, so I will try and send it another way next week.

Have you sent me a package with photos?

No, next week.

Can you add some photos to your email today?

No, because I don´t have any here with me.

Is there anything you want or need me to send you with the glasses?

Send me a few new oil vials. Mine broke, so I don´t have one right now. See if you can find me a shadow grass camoflauge tie, too, please.

Tell us more about the ward you work with. What meetings do you attend. Do you work well with the Bishop? Are you still trying to find people in La Mana to form a branch with?

No. We have changed our focus. We are trying to strengthen the ward here in Valencia, so we are looking for priesthood here to baptize.

Has there been any effect on the missionary work, good or bad, because of the violence that happened back in May?

No. There haven´t been any affects good or bad. The people have pretty much forgotten about it now.

What is the best meal you have eaten lately?


Have you eaten anything you really didn’t like or that was different?

Guinea pig. It was really good and we ate I think it was mountain goat, too. They were both really good.

Hi Curtis,

It is good to hear from you. I am glad all is well. I am at the store right now getting a couple of things then headed home to finish dinner for the missionaries. Answer more of my questions if you have time. I got your glasses so I will send them this week. Do you need the oil vial that attaches to your keys or a plastic bottle of oil to refill with?

If you could send me a bottle to put oil in too that would be great I gave mine away in Balzar, but what I really need is one that attaches to my key ring, so if you could find a couple simple ones and send them to me that would be great.

Okay. Can you get olive oil down there to put in the bottle?

Yeah, don´t worry. There is olive oil here.

Was everything in the package that was returned okay? I guess just keep those glasses there and I will send you the new ones. We had blueberry cobbler and dutch oven potatoes and chicken for your birthday celebration here. I forgot to take pictures. Sorry! I am glad you had a good birthday. Did you take photos? I want to see them. Sorry your packages were all early, but early is better than late.

Tell us what you have been doing these past two weeks. What did you do
that was fun or exciting or spiritual?

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