Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't Worry, ok?

Week 24 Valencia

Hey! How are things going? I am doing good. Today we are in Quevedo. Today we got permission to play soccer as a zone, so we played today on an astroturf field. It was really cool and fun. After we played, we went to a restaurant that is called Quality, where we can buy American food, hamburgers, hotdogs and tacos. And now we are in a cyber here in Quevedo writing before we go back to Valencia to get ready for the day.

This week we don´t have any baptisms planned, but we still have hope that we could have one this week. We had a lot of investigators in the church this week, so now we have five investigators that have been to the church at least two times, so any one of them could progress to baptism. We have plans to put a lot of baptism dates this week, but let’s see what happens. If I don´t baptise them then the next elder is going to have about ten baptisms when he gets here, but let’s see how it goes.

I am doing good, getting ready to leave Valencia. I hope I don´t have to go, but if I go, Ya, I won´t be too sad. Well I hope everything is going good. Tell Dad Happy Birthday for me. Tell him we celebrated it here with a dinner called Cerviche de Camaron or Shrimp Cerviche. It is one of my favorites and I am learning how to make it, so everything is going good. I love you all. Bye!

Hey! I forgot to put it in the other email, but I have gotten all of the packages that you have sent me. I received my glasses and the contact solution and I also got the oil vials, so I think that is all of them. If you haven’t sent the next package, can you send me a small bottle of lemon pepper? I am thinking about having a barbeque, but I can´t do it without lemon pepper. Thank you for the packages. They were great!

About the shoes, I have three pair of Rockport shoes. I have been using just one pair for a year and they are still going! In the MTC and before, I was using another different pair of Rockports and I put them away, but they are still good. I just need insoles. Other than that, my shoes are doing good and holding up great. The pair that I am using, about two months ago, I took them to a place and had them fixed. I had walked a hole in the sole, but they don´t have soles here in Quevedo big enough for my shoes, so they added rubber and then put another piece of special rubber and fixed them up and they are doing good now. I am pretty sure that they will last another six or seven months before I will have to fix them up again, so don´t worry about the shoes.

The rest of my clothes are doing good. My favorite pair of pants ripped in the crotch, so I had to send them to get fixed, but they are back and doing good. I think they will last the two years, but let’s see what happens. All is going well with my clothes, so don´t worry, ok? Thanks Again!

Elder Goode

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