Monday, November 17, 2008

2008_11_17 Week 4 Balzar Clain

Curtis emailed Clain on Monday, November 17, 2008
Clain replied back the same day.

Hey buddy how are things going? how is school? how is the hunting? have you killed many ducks? how many? are you preparing for your mission? you realise that you only have a year and a half now before you go right? Start preparing now so you will be ready. Study Preach my gospel as much as you can to get ready. I love you buddy Elder Goode

Things are going good. I havent been hunting for a while. I have been helping dad with things at home. We got the gabble finished on saturday. I started putting up christmas lights on saturday. The guys at work say hi.

Note from Mom- Don’t you just love it! Curtis has been gone on his mission just three months and he is already giving his little brother missionary advice; the same advice I tried to give him a year ago. I guess he realizes now how important preparation is. We are very proud of Clain. He has been attending Missionary Prep every Sunday for about nine months now. He is learning a lot!

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