Monday, November 17, 2008

2008_11_17 Week 4 Balzar Dad

Dad wrote on Monday, November 17, 2008
Curtis replied back on that day.


It’s been a busy weekend. I did the siding on the gable over the front porch. It took all day, but we got it done. Clain and Braxton helped me. Where I have to climb the ladder, measure and get down and go cut, it took a long time. After finishing, I was very tired and yesterday I was very sore and stiff. My back and knee were hurting. I feel a lot better today.

How has your week been? Did the lady get baptized on Saturday? I really enjoyed when we had baptisms it was always a special day. Have you found any new people to teach? We pray every day that you will find someone to teach and baptize.

My class is watching a cooling system video so I thought I would write. I think I will take Braxton duck hunting Wednesday with Todd to try to get his swan. They are in now. Skyler calls when he see swans when he is out hunting. We have always been busy doing something so we are not able to go. Maybe this week.

Is it getting easier to understand the people when they talk? I have got to go for a few minutes. I will check back. Love Dad

That is good make sure that braxton gets out there to try for his swan a few times make sure that he has fun too. Yeah we had the baptism this saturday and the confirmation sunday too it went well I was the one that baptised her so it was really neat

That’s neat you were able to baptize her and it went well. I still have to do the rain gutter then it will be all done. Keep working hard it will be worth it. Are you going to send us some pictures of the people and the area?

I have been trying to figure out how to send them to you what I will probably do is burn them to a cd and then mail you the cd I will see if I can´t get them ready to send for next week.

Ok that will be good. The weather has been great the past 3 days I hope it storms Wednesday when we go Duck Hunting. I have been selling a few birds which has been nice. Taylor’s birthday party was fun. She is crawling everywhere now and will be walking soon. What do you have planned for work tonight?

We are planning on visiting some of our investigators the ones that are close to the house of the mamita de ropa because we are dropping off our clothes before six to be washed

How does she wash them? Washing machine or by hand?

my clothes get hand washed and then hung on a line to dry

Thats a lot of work. Does she get paid?

yeah we pay her 2.50 each time we have laundry that needs done

You would pay more than that here at the laundry mat. I’m sure that helps her out to.

yeah we also buy the soap too which is about 1.50 per time so yeah it is pretty good well I gotta go I love you Bye Elder Goode

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