Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cerviche is really delicious!!!

Dear Curtis

How is everything going? We had a problem with the white truck, it blew out a spark plug Friday going to Cache Valley. It happened in Sardine Canyon at Mantua. We had to trailer it home Saturday I have got to take it to Sandy to Ford to get it worked on. I am going to have them fix the gas leak at the same time.

How do you like your new area? Have you been able to eat some different foods? If so what have you ate? Let us know if there is anything you need for Christmas. Sorry it is so short it will give you some time to write. Talk to you later.

I Love You,
Love Dad

Hey, I am doing pretty good here in my new sector. I have eaten some new foods. I have eaten some fish in a dish that is really cool. It is called Cerviche and it is really delicious. I am going to learn how to make it so that you guys can try it at home. I am hoping to eat some octupus and squid here soon, but some members promised me a dish with clams and that sounds good. So I am excited to try all of the new foods here.

If you could would you send me a new plan of salvation puzzle? I gave mine to Elder Machuca before I left Valencia and now that is our heirloom in the family. When Elder Machuca trains, he is going to give it to his kid and so on and so forth for the rest of eternity. I could also use some more of the flosser thingies. The Plackers brand works the best, so if you could send me some I would really appreciate it.

How many ducks have you guys killed this year?

Elder Goode

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