Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Transferred to Portoviejo

Portoviejo Week 1

Well I am just getting around to writing today. You know what happened? Yesterday, was the Day of the Dead and the whole world was very busy and there wasn´t a cyber open in any part of Portoviejo. That’s right! I said Portoviejo. I got changed. I am now in a sector called the 12th of March or 12 de Marzo in Spanish, but that is pretty cool. I am still District Leader and I am not training, but I am the second companion of a fairly new elder. This is his third change. His name is Elder Carlos and do you have any idea where he is from?????? I don´t even have to tell you! You already know he is from Peru, but not from Lima. He lives about an hour and a half outside of Lima. So now I am a step-dad and a dad here in the mission. I am living in a four missionary house now and I came here with Elder Felt, so I am living with Elder Felt and his companion a Colombiano. His name is Elder Merchan. Elder Carlos is a little bit sick. I think he has like a throat infection or something, but it is starting to go away, so that is a good thing.

I didn´t have my baptisms. We had some problems with the Bishop, but Oh well, that happens. But I am pretty sure that they will be baptised later, with Elder Machuca. Well everything is good here in Portoviejo. I feel like I am back in the states a little bit. There are a lot more white people here. They are Ecuadorian, but they are whiter and have blue or green eyes. Oh and there is a mall here, so we go to the mall every week to go shopping in a store a little smaller than Walmart. So that is really nice. It is a great change to Valencia where there wasn´t much there. Well I don´t have a lot of time right now. I had to ask permission so that we could write today for a little bit, so I will write next week with more information. I love you lots! Bye. Tell Braxton Happy Birthday and sorry that I couldn´t write yesterday.


Elder Goode

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