Monday, January 11, 2010

Limeade and Crucita

Week 10 Portoviejo

When you make the limeade, do you peel the little limes and grind them up in your blender or do you just cut them in half and squeeze the juice out of them? I tried both ways. Those little things are hard to peel, but they made nice juice in my new juicer. It was easier to just cut them in half and squeeze them to get the juice out, but I probably didn’t get as much juice that way. We really liked the juice though. We have drank six liters of it so far. I mixed up another 3 liters tonight.

I usually take them and cut them in half and then squeeze them but I bought a special squeezer that makes it really easy to squeeze them. The other thing you can do is cut them in quarters and put them whole with the peel into the blender with water and blend them and then after just strain it and drink it fast. If you blend the peels the juice will go sour after about ten minutes so for me it is better to squeeze it and then I can put it in the fridge to let it get cold for later.

Have you gotten permission for Luis to get baptized yet?

No, we haven´t gotten the permission yet it was a hard week with it being Christmas and new year it was hard there wasn´t much time to visit and when we visited his dad was drunk so ya we don´t have permission yet.

Did you have any baptisms this week?

No, we don´t have any baptisms this week we are hoping to get permission for Luis this week though.

How are your investigators coming?

They are doing good we are working hard with them and I think that we should have success this month.

Do you spend much time proselyting at the University?

No, we don´t spend any time at the university I don´t know if we could go up on the campus to visit.

How was your visit to the Ocean and Crucita? Tell us about it.

The ocean was way cool. I am glad that I got to go and it was really cool to eat right there next to the beach.

Did you get any more post cards?

No, I didn´t get any more post cards this last week and I didn´t get the last package so I don´t know what is up.

Did you get your other package?


Have you written those thank you letters I asked you to write? Please do it soon if you have not.

No, but I will today.

Did any of the packages you received have the Plan of Salvation puzzle in it?

Yes, I did receive the plan of salvation puzzle.

Are you healthy and happy?

Yep I am.

Do you need anything?

More jerky.

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