Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome Elder Walke!!!

Week 13 Portoviejo

Hey! So guess what? I am still in Portoviejo and still with Elder Garcia, so everything is going good. Elder Walke is now my new Zone Leader with Elder Fonseca. Elder Felt left and Elder Avila, his old companion is going to train, so he went today to Guayaquil and will be coming back on Wednesday with his kid. We spent the morning cleaning the house, just the two of us. I´ve kinda gotten used to living with four in the house, so it was kinda lonely with just the two of us. I also did some repairs on some toilets in the house and I am going to have to buy some parts a little later to finish all of the repairs. I need to install a new toilet seat and a new flap and flush handle on another one and a chain broke on my toilet, so I found a string and made the toilet work again. Nothing like some redneck engineering to fix things right!!!

So I want things to be good for the new elder when he gets here. I sure know how hard it was when I started and I know that someone that thinks ahead a little will be a big help. They should get here to Portoviejo at like seven or eight on Wednesday, so they should be really hungry. I am going to make sure that I buy some stuff that they can eat Wednesday night so that they don´t get there and have nothing to eat and I will leave a note telling them that they can take the food and eat it. It will be a whole lot better than when I got to our house with Elder Machuca and there was dirty plates all over the house and there wasn´t any food. That was kinda hard, but I am going to prevent that this time with this elder.

So Elder Piedra got a new companion, Elder Cruz. He is from Peru, the one that was in my zone when I first got to Valencia. Elder Piedra called me a little concerned and afraid. He was asking me what he should do this change and how he can deal with his companion. I told him to work hard and help his companion to know the sector and the members and investigators and he will help him with the other stuff, so he seemed a lot happier and things should be going good. Elder Piedra won´t be in my district this change because Elder Cruz is a district leader too. So I will probably get to be zone leader over Elder Mitchell and his new companion, but I don´t know who that will be yet.

So things are going good. This last week I have gained a testimony of the importance of working as hard as you can. Sunday, yesterday, we had three investigators in the church. We worked really, really hard for those three investigators. I know we should have more, but we worked really, really hard for the three. I know if we hadn´t have been visiting them and inviting them to come to church and then calling them to get them up and then going and picking them up for church, they wouldn´t have gone. But we did it! We helped them to get to church and they were really excited about the church after, so it was really cool. I can see a lot of changes in many of our investigators from when we first started teaching them until now. They are much happier and they say that they don´t have as many problems now as they did before. It is really cool!!! Well I am going to send this off and write President and I hope when I finish with President that you will have responded to my letter and then I can write some more. I love you lots!!!

Elder Goode

Hey! I just remembered. I got the last package and about fifty something post cards so I am somewhere around seventy something, maybe one hundred post cards, so I should be getting a bunch more. Well I love you lots!


Elder Goode

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