Monday, February 22, 2010

Carnival and Zone Conference

Week 16 Portoviejo

This letter was written on February 17, 2010.

So, it is Wednesday today and I finally found a cyber open so that we can write you guys. It has been Carnival the last few days, so there was practically nothing open here in Portoviejo. Well everything is going good here. We had Zone Conference yesterday. We had to go to Manta for the conference so that was cool. We had Elder Gavarette from the seventy come and talk to us, so that was really a cool experience. He talked about a lot of things, but one thing that I really liked was about the brother of Jared. He said that God gave the brother of Jared the designs for the boats that he had to build and he built them. And after they realized that there was going to be problems, that they would need air and they would need light, but they didn´t just cut a window in the boat or try to come up with their own plan of action. They went right to God again and asked him what to do and He gave the answer to the air problem and told the brother of Jared to come up with a solution to the light problem. I thought that it was cool that the Lord wanted to test their humility and see if they would be humble enough to ask or if they would just do what they wanted to do. So I liked that part of the talk. His wife talked about how we should look at life in a different point of view, that we shouldn´t just look at all of the negative things, that we should be happy. I really liked her. She was really positive and it was contagious. I felt a lot happier and ready to go out and face the world after the conference, but couldn´t because it is Carnival. So after the conference, we went back to the house and stayed inside until six when we could leave. We have had this time schedule since last Saturday, but today is the last day of this. We leave the house at ten and after lunch or about two, we have to go back to the house and stay in the house until six and then we can leave again to go out and visit again. So it kinda sucks, but that is how it goes. Just so that you know, Carnival is a holiday where everybody goes to the beach and plays with water, so there are water fights in the streets and when you go walking, they throw water at you. So we couldn´t go out during the worst of it or from two till six. So it was to protect us, but it was hard to be cooped up in the house for four hours at a time. We weren´t able to visit as many people this last week because it is Carnival and that we were in the house, but we tried our best and we are sure that the rest of this week will be better and that we will have more success. Well I am going to send this off and I hope you are on so that we can talk a little bit.

I love you lots,
Elder Goode

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