Monday, February 1, 2010

Elder Parkinson from Arizona

Week 14 Portoviejo

Have you been losing or gaining weight since you moved to Portoviejo? I am guessing you are gaining now that you are riding the buses and using taxis more and walking less. Am I right?

I do think that I have been putting on a little bit of weight but not a whole lot like five maybe ten pounds but I am trying to stay the same I really don´t want to gain weight again so another thing that I am doing right now is I eat what they give me but if they ask if I want more I tell them no so I am eating less than I used to so I feel a whole lot better if i eat just a little then I don´t have the same problems that I did before remember when my stomach would hurt after I would eat it was because I would eat too much and then it would hurt but now that I am eating less I don´t feel like that I feel satisfied and I don´t hurt.

Have you taken the Bomb since you have been there? How many times?

I have taken the bomb once so far in my mission when I was with Elder Machuca and it really didn´t have any effect on me. I will take it again when I go home, so I got lucky I will only have to take it twice while others had to take it up to four times in their missions.

Do the missionaries get to go to the temple before they go home?

I am not for sure if the missionaries get to go to the temple or not but if I need to renew my recommend President Gamboa can do it.

I asked about the photo CD and no one knew anything about it, so I am assuming you were unable to get it to Elder Ogden or Elder Mitton in time to get it home. What happened? Are you going to send it another way?

I was unable to get it ready in time to send through pouch, but it will be ready here soon and I will try to send one disk through pouch to see if they will send it. I hope that they will. If it is a problem then I can send it another way. I might be able to send it through the Ecuadorian postal service, but that could be a problem in itself so I will try the pouch first and see if it works.

Things are going really good here. We got a new missionary in the house and guess what? He is from Arizona! But do you want to know the really cool thing? His name is Elder Parkinson! Do we have family in Arizona? Well, it is really cool. He has lots of questions and I have lots of answers, so this week I have been helping him get used to Ecuador and everything here.

This is the email address of his mom. Drop her a line and you can help her out like I am helping her son out. I am sure that you are going to have lots to talk about. Well I am going to send this one off and hopefully you can reply to me quickly with a really astonished email telling me how cool it is that the new elder is from Arizona and has your maiden name. Well I love you lots!

Elder Goode

We didn´t have any baptisms this last week, but we have a goal of one for next week. We are really confident that we can get permission for Luis this week. His parents have been really positive the last couple of times we went, so there is hope.

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