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2010_04_11 Clain's Mission Call

Week 5 Babahoyo, Written on April 11, 2010


I don´t know about the wd 40 in my shoes but don´t worry I will see if here in Babahoyo there is a place that can fix the other pair that has a huge hole in the sole and maybe I can keep using them. Don´t worry too much. As far as dads talk, I know it sounds kinda harsh, but it is how he has been blessed by me being in the mission, not how I have been blessed in the mission, so he needs to think and meditate in the blessings he has received. I can´t tell him his blessings. He has to count them. I know it is hard, but tell him to count his blessings. How is his health and how is the family doing and his pigeons and things like that? What type of example has my going on a mission held in our family and in the ward? What did his mission do for him in his life? How did he learn and grow as a missionary? I´m sorry but I can´t write this talk for him, but there are some questions that he can think and ponder about to start his talk.

Elder Goode


Guess where I am going? You're right Ecuador! Just kidding! I am going to the Eugene, Oregon English speaking mission I leave on June, 23. How are things going down there? I have one more term of school left then I will be graduated and ready to go to Oregon. I am excited to get out there and serve. We are going to be going camping before I leave. How is your new companion? I am paying for my own mission so it will be more meaningful to me.


Hey Clain,

I am so excited for you to have the opportunity to go on a mission. I know that it will be an awesome experience for you. I am a little disappointed that you aren’t coming to the best mission in the world, but I guess the second best will have to do. I bet it will be easier for you to talk to the people when you get out there than it was for me. You don’t have to learn a language. I love you lots and hope you the very best. I guess I won’t be seeing you for a little more than two years from now huh. Take care buddy.

Elder Goode

Hey mom told me that you are way, way excited for your call. I hope you are. It will be the best two years of your life. I know it will be hard and that you will have lots and lots of problems, but remember something that a missionary taught me here. If you want to have muscles, you gotta lift weights and the problems and trials and tests in this life are our spiritual weights. If we lift them right and do what we are supposed to, before and after, we can turn into Hercules, but we just have to be obedient and it will happen, ok? Remember, just be obedient and do what is right. I love you lots buddy.

Elder Goode


Thanks for the email. I will need to start gathering some of the things I will need for the mission. We are going camping as a family the week after school gets out. Then Braxton and I have a camp we are going on the week before I leave. It is to where we rafted the river before you left. I am going to go to the temple next week. I am very excited!!! How are things in Ecuador? I hope you have a (GOODE) week!!



Cool I hope you have a really cool experience in the temple it is something really, really, different and will help you a lot in your mission and your life. How was general conference? I got to watch all five sessions and it was really amazing one of the best I have heard. Well buddy keep excited to go and get everything ready so that you can go, ok? I love you lots.

Elder Goode


We watched all the sessions of general conference. Shara, Rob, and Taylor came Saturday and Michelle and Jeff came Saturday night and stayed late Sunday night. We are out of school this week so we cleaned the attic out and organized it. The temple was great, but it wasn’t what I expected, but it was a neat experience. Have you had or heard of a drink called "GUADANA"? It is a Brazilian drink. The Greenwells gave us some when we had dinner at their house today.



What great new experiences have you had this week?

This week I have been working hard we are trying to find new investigators and we are having a lot of sucess. We now have two baptism dates, one for this Saturday and the other for the 25th of April. The one for this Saturday is the niece of Sandy and Wendy that I baptised. The one for the 25th is a friend of Sandy and Wendy and a couple of member girls that live near by. She prayed and recieved an answer to her prayer, so she wants to get baptised, but she was kinda nervous to accept a date really soon, so we had to put it out a few weeks, so that we have time to teach her everything.

Were you able to find any new investigators?

We are finding people. It is kinda slow, but we are finding them.

How are your new converts coming along?

They are doing good. Sandy and Wendy didn´t go to conference, but Jessenia and Linyker went and learned a lot, too.

How are you and Elder De Leon getting along? Please tell us more about him, his family, his interests, etc.

We are getting along really fine. He is a little strict. Some times he looks down on all of my jokes and pranks and things like that, but we are getting along fine. He likes the gaming world, so we have lots to talk about. He had a Gameboy SP and played Pokemon and Zelda and lots of other games that I have played, so we have lots to talk about. You know I have figured something out in my life. I am kinda well rounded. I like to hunt and fish. I like to play games and do lots of other things, so I can get along with just about anyone and talk to them.

Did you get to see all of the General Conference Sessions?

Did any of your investigators attend and watch with you?

We had seven investigators in the Genereal Conference this weekend. It was pretty cool. I didn´t get much out of the Sunday morning session, because the other gringo missionaries are still kinda new, so they don´t understand all of the Spanish yet, so they wanted to listen to the conference in English. So Saturday we got out the tv in the church and watched the conference in Engish, the four of us together. That was pretty cool to hear the conference in our own language. But Sunday morning is when everyone comes to the conference. I think that they don´t understand that the conference isn´t just one session. It is five, but anyways they all came to the Sunday morning session. So they took our tv and put it in another classroom and put it in Spanish so that the moms with their kids could go in there to listen if there were noisy children so what we did is we put the conference on the speakers overhead in spanish so that the moms could hear in Spanish and then we put the tv in English and turned the volume down so that we could hear it, but not really loudly. So we watched the conference with lots of children crying and screaming. And I could hear the conference in Spanish and in English at the same time, but it was really confusing me, the two languages at the same time. So I had to sit farther from the tv, so that I couldn´t hear the conference in English, just in Spanish, so that I could understand it better. But it was still really hard because there were still the kids screaming and crying in the room with us. But oh well, I guess I will get the Liahona to read and then I can pick up what I missed.

How are the missionaries doing in your Zone?

Our missionaries are doing really good we are having lots of sucess here not as much as we would like to have but we are getting there.

Do you have Zone Conference this week or next?

Tomorrow is Zone Conference and it is here in Babahoyo, so this is a first for me. I think that it will be cool. I think that Sister Gamboa will probably inspect our houses, too, so we made sure that today we cleaned the house really good.

Tell us something funny that has happened to you lately.

Yesterday we went to an appointment after the conference and it started to rain. We taught the lesson and then I pulled out my umbrella and a poncho and I put on the poncho and I gave Elder De Leon the umbrella because he had forgotten his and we left to go to the house. We got outside of the house and we were standing on the side walk and we looked at the street and it was a running river we had no choice but to start walking and like Elder Mitchell said in his letter, waterproof shoes are awesome, but when you are in a little water but when the water comes up to your knee waterproof shoes just don´t do any good. So yesterday we got really wet and it was lightning and thundering, too, so we were really hoping that we didn´t get hit with lightning standing in a foot of water.

Do you have any advice for Clain?

Well I could tell him lots of stuff, but that would just ruin his surprise to find out what the mission is like. I will tell him to just work hard everyday, do his best and the Lord will do the rest. I am a poet and I know it. ha ha ha. (in spanish ja ja ja).

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