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2010_04_11 What to buy for Clain's Mission

Week 5 Babahoyo Written on April 11, 2010

Hey, so guess what this week has really flown by and I really can’t believe that I have been here in Babahoyo for almost a whole change I feel like I just got here and it is time for changes again. Time is going to start to fly by I know it Clain will be going on a mission here soon and then I will be getting back and wow how time flies. I remember when I left Taylor was just a little baby of nine months and now she is a little girl running around and talking and wow. It is amazing how things just change. President Gamboa is always saying the quote from President Monson that the most constant thing in life is change. How true it is. I still can’t believe it, twenty months in the mission. I am getting so old. Two years is such a short time. I still have so much to do here in Ecuador, but there just isn’t going to be the time to do it. I am running out of time.

Some advice for Clain when he is in the mission is that he should never waste any time. Always have something to do even if you are walking from one place to another, memorize scriptures and quotes. Just stay as busy as you can so that you can have the most success in your mission. I miss you all very much and I love you lots. I hope that all is well and that you can feel the blessings of the Lord in your lives.

As far as things that you should get Clain, find him a really good over coat that he can take with him. It rains a lot in Oregon and he needs something that is going to keep him dry. Here in Babahoyo, it is raining so much and all I have is a little umbrella. It doesn’t do much when it is windy and the water is coming down in buckets and buckets. Get him a good overcoat. Make sure that you have good shoes, but it shouldn’t be as big of a problem for him. His feet are smaller than mine and he will be in the states where it will be easier to get new shoes in his size. Make sure that you send him with lots of anti-diarrhea pills. They are life savers here in the mission. You take two of those suckers and you don’t have to go all day long, which is a good thing as a missionary. Well, I will keep thinking of other things that he will need as a missionary, but I have been quite well with what you sent me with, so don’t worry too much. The name labels work pretty well. They peeled off of the socks, but the rest of them are still where you put them. As far as the back pack, the one that I have been using is one that the mission was having custom made for the missionaries. It has the shoulder straps, but the bag sits at about waist level and isn’t really all that big. I have used the bag that Clain gave me, but I do like the other one better, because it is smaller and easier to use. I would suggest that he finds one that he likes that sits at waist level and that looks good but that will depend on him. He can choose which one he likes. His companions will help him figure all of this out. He will need a backpack for the MTC that is for sure, so make sure that he has one, but he might be able to wait to buy his proselyting bag in the mission. Well I love you lots!

Elder Goode

I love you Curtis. Thanks for the info. Do you have time to tell us about your week and your baptism? Did your baptism work out? How is the other one coming that you have planned later this month?

Well we postponed the baptism for this Saturday so it should work out. We have a baptism planned for the 24th of this month. His name is Christian and he pretty much asked us to baptise him. We are also working on a few other baptisms that we will have for later. We are helping one family write up a will so that when they get married they know who is going to receive all of the things when one of them dies, but I called a lawyer from Portoviejo. She helps all of the missionaries with our legal matters and she told me what I have to do so that we can get the papers ready and then get them baptised. We have another family that we found that the missionaries were visiting before and they are working on a divorce so that they can get married so that she can get baptized. So we have a few more baptisms that are going to come.

That is so wonderful son. I am so happy the blessings are coming to you. I know your hard work is paying off. I love you so much. Thanks for honoring us as parents by being so obedient and strong in the gospel. I wish you could have been with us in the temple Wednesday, but I know that you are where the Lord needs you and the sacrifices we make will bring huge rewards to us in the end. Take care this week. Always remember who you are and that you are so very loved.

Love forever and always,

Hi Curtis! Are you still on?

I am still here. What is up? How are things going? I am doing good here. It is a little hot right now, but it isn´t raining, which is a good thing.

I got busy this morning and forgot to email you mom sent me a text and said you were on. Did you have any baptisms this week? Everything is going good. I won the first old bird race Saturday from Ft. Hall. I took 1st and 2nd. After school I have to take Clain down to get his Driving Record to send to his mission. I hope you are still there to read this. I Love You!


We didn´t have the baptism this week we moved it to this weekend because no one knew about it and we wanted everybody to come to the baptism. That is cool that you won the race I know that you will win a few more this spring too.

That will be good to get as many people there for the baptism as you can. Mom is going to be busy with her new calling. It will be good for her.

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