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2009_05_10 Mother's Day Call - Part One

Mother’s Day Phone Call Transcript – Part One
A few of the best parts!!!

Mom: Have you had a good day?

Curtis: Yeah. It’s been good. We went to church. We had four, no five or six investigators to church today.

Mom: Did your baptism work out yesterday?

Curtis: No. The mom, she is a member and she was talking to her son, his name is Oscar, and she said that she wants him to wait until he is seventeen . . . to be baptized.

Dad: She wants him to wait till he is seventeen.

Curtis: We need to meet with her and teach her that, her son needs to be baptized right now and not when he is seventeen because if he they wait till seventeen, then will wait till eighteen and never get baptized. We put a goal for this Saturday. So . . . we think that this week we can get him baptized, but we will see what happens.

Mom: Have you got lots of investigators you are teaching right now?

Curtis: Right now we have got tons. We had an activity in the area called, “The Day of the Missionaries” where we took a bunch of the ward members out to knock doors. Then we had a page of ten questions that had teachings of the church like, “Do you know that Jesus Christ visited the Americas?” and questions like this. When you knock the doors, you ask the people these questions, they answer yes and no, then we ask their name, their telephone number and their address.
We had quarters that we were knocking doors. I went with one group. Elder Neyra went with one group and Elder Stew and Romero and we knocked a bunch of doors and now we are contacting all the people that we knocked doors that day.

Mom: That is neat.

Curtis: Yeah, so we are teaching a lot of people right now.

Dad: That is good.

Curtis: Our activity was in the Mana. We are working a lot in the Mana and a little bit here in Valencia. They want us to baptize enough members in the Mana to create a branch so we are working in the Mana.

Mom: Are you walking to get to the Mana or taking a bus?

Curtis: We take a bus, a half an hour to the Mana. We take a bus a half an hour to get to Quevedo.

Mom: How much does it cost you to ride the bus?

Curtis: It is 40 cents to the Mana and it is 40 cents to Quevedo.

Mom: Are you eating with the members there when you get there?

Curtis: What we have been trying to do is, we try to schedule the appointments so that we are in the Mana in the morning or in the evening. The other time we are here in Valencia or in a place called Esperansa, or the Hope, in English. It is between Valencia and Quevedo. We are working a little bit here and plan to be here in the morning or do the Mana in the morning and come here to Valencia and eat and work here or eat and then go to the Mana.

We have a few members in the Mana. On Fridays in the morning, we go the Mana and work in the morning and we eat in the house of the members. The husband, is our mission leader, ward mission leader. After we eat, we _____________ more people.

Mom: Okay.

Curtis: Don’t worry about me. I am eating good!

Mom: Yeah, it has never been a problem, has it?

Curtis: No, but I am losing weight.

Mom: Yeah, you look like you are losing weight.

Curtis: I think I have lost 35 or 40 pounds.

Mom: Are you still walking as much?

Curtis: Yeah, I’m walking a lot. If I lose much more, I am going to have to take my pants and have them tailored.

Mom: That picture I got of you and the elders from the MTC,

Curtis: Yeah.

Mom: Your suit looks like it is hanging a little bit.

Curtis: Yeah.

Mom: Do you use that Ecua Bag all the time?

Curtis: Ecua Bag? The (something in Spanish). The bag I had in the picture?


Curtis: I bought it two or three weeks ago in the Mana. I use it for special occasions like Zone Conference, a little bit on pdays. It is pretty cool, huh?
Mom: Yeah, it is!

Curtis: Everybody that sees it says it is beautiful, because there is not a lot that are blue.

Mom: Yeah. It’s neat.

Curtis: It cost five dollars and fifty cents.

Mom: That’s not bad at all.

Curtis: No.

Mom: Did you find a belt?

Curtis: The belt? The day I went to buy it, it wasn’t there. Somebody had bought it, but I am still looking, but I haven’t found one yet.

Mom: You had a hat on that you were wearing in one of the photos. Where’d you get that?

Curtis: The hat was a gift from Elder Neyra. From the states. It’s a Carhart.

Dad: Yeah, that’s what I thought. I thought it was a Carhart.

Curtis: Much of the family of Elder Neyra, they live in New York. Every once in a while they send him stuff from the states, hat, clothes. That’s how I have this hat.

Mom: You asked about Grandma and Grandpa Goode?

Curtis: Yeah, how are they doing?

Mom: They seem to be doing okay.

Curtis: Is Michelle still living with them right now?

Mom: She is right now, but they are going to look for an apartment and try to get moved out soon.

Curtis: Tell Michelle that there is an apartment here in Valencia that is a dollar a day.

Dad, Mom, Clain and Braxton: Laugh

Curtis: But, it only has room for a bed.

Clain: We’ll tell her.

Mom: How much does your apartment cost?

Curtis: I don’t know. This apartment is a little bit small for us. It’s got enough room for our beds and nothing more.

Mom: Oh, you haven’t showed us any pictures of it, except the beds.

Curtis: Yeah.

Mom: I don’t suppose you have an oven then, huh?

Curtis: No, we don’t have an oven, we only have a stove.

Dad: They have a stove?

Mom: Is it like your last stove?

Curtis: A gas stove.

Clain: Do they have bathrooms?

Curtis: We have air conditioning.

Mom: I guess that’s a plus.

Curtis: Yeah, but it’s only in our bedroom, but it’s better than nothing.

Dad: Yeah. Is it getting warmer now?

Curtis: Everyone wants to come here to Valencia because we have air conditioning and we have waterfalls in our sector.

Mom: So the other missionaries in your district come visit?

Curtis: Yeah, we’ve had two interchanges this change. One with Elder Hernanda. He was my first district leader. He is my district leader again.

Mom: Okay.

Curtis: And I had an interchange with him and then last Wednesday, I had an interchange with the Zone Leader, Elder Contreras. I think he came on this interchange to see if I __________ and if I had the right attitude to be Companero Mayora,

Dad: Companion what? He’s having a hard time with this.

Mom: A Senior Companion?

Curtis: Senior Companion, that’s it. Right now I am still a Junior Companion, so I think he came to see if I can be a Senior Companion. So we are going to see.

Mom: Oh.

Curtis: I think, leaving this change, there are 25 companions that are leaving this change.

Dad: Wow!

Mom: Wow!

Curtis: There are going to be 20 some new elders this change.

Dad: 20 some new ones huh?

Curtis: There are a bunch that are going to be training.

Dad: He might be training!

Mom: That would be neat if you could train!

Curtis: That’s cool. I could train this next exchange.

Mom: That would be neat!

Curtis: Yeah! Elder Bartolomei, also his companion is leaving with this change, so he could train, too.

Mom: Huh! Is his sector close to yours? Hello?

Dad: Lost him!

Mom: Curtis?

Dad: Lost him! How many minutes was it? Thirty minutes? Maybe that’s all the minutes his phone card had.

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