Monday, May 25, 2009

2009_05_25 Week 8 Valencia Clain

Dear Curtis,

How is having a new companion?

My new companion is really good. He has had some problems in the mission, but he is doing really good. We are being obedient now and I am doing my best to be a leader.

What does he like to do for fun?

My companion likes to watch TV. Before his mission, he wasn´t working or studying, so he was just at home all day, but we are working hard now here in Valencia.

Have you eaten all your jerky?

Yeah all of the jerky is gone.

Do you need more jerky?

I could use some more if you would send it to me. My companion really likes jerky too.

You are invited to my Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Friday May 29th 2009. I am working a lot. Everyone at work says hi. I have been paint balling with Skyler a lot. We go to the foothills of Farmington canyon every time. I am trying to get Braxton and Tyson to go with us but they won’t. I am doing well in school I have good grades. I am going to try to get my scooter fixed we have to take it to a mechanic in Roy who deals with scooters. The guy we talked to in Roy thinks that they can fix my scooter for me. I put it back together yesterday. It took me a while to figure out where the parts go. I took the dogs to Ogden Bay a few times so far. They liked it both times. They like to swim. They won’t come to the truck when I am ready to go home.

What do you want me to do with your motorcycle? It is in the same condition as you left it in. Do you want me to fix it and try to sell it or sell it as a parts bike or leave it so you can fix it when you get home?

I still go to Mission Prep every week. We talk about the same topic for a month then we move on to another topic the next. The elders come every week and they tell us things that relate to the topic we are studying that month that would help us on a mission.

Love always,


About my motorcycle put it on KSL to sell, but don´t take less than $500 for it. Just say that it is having problems with the engine and that we haven’t had time to look through it to find out what the problem is. So yea, sell it as is. Put it on KSL for $650, but accept the highest over $500.

Thanks buddy

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