Monday, June 15, 2009

2009_06_15 Week 11 Valencia Mom

Baptism of Oscar Ante Rodrigo Guanotuña on May 23, 2009
Elder Goode, Oscar, Elder Castañeda, and Oscar's Mom
Elder Frye in the back, Elder Castañeda in the front

Well, tell us all about your week. Are your investigators coming along good? Are they going to be ready to be baptized on Saturday? Please tell us more about each one of them. What are their names so we can pray for them?

I have a few that we are teaching. There is Shirley. She is 17 and she is ready to be baptised this Saturday. We are teaching a single mom. She has two kids. Her name is Esther. We are planning on baptising her this Saturday, but we lost contact with her a little bit so we are trying to contact her so that we can plan for her baptism. So we will see what happens. We are teaching another family, the family Cuello or neck in English. There is the mom, her daughter and husband, another daughter and the neighbor girl that we are teaching. They had a baptism date for this Saturday, but they didn’t come to church this Sunday so we can’t baptise them, so we are going to visit them tomorrow and put another baptism date for a later date like the first or second Saturday in July.

How are things coming along with your companion?

Things are coming good. We had Zone Conference this week and now we are being more obedient and trying to follow the rules, so it is going really good.

Did you have any investigators to church today? Do you teach them in a Gospel Essentials class?

We had investigators in the church, but we didn’t teach them because this Sunday was the Sunday to vote, so we only had the Sacrament Meeting.

How did Zone Conference go?

Zone conference was really good. We learned that we need to commit all people to be baptised as soon as possible when we meet them. So now we need to put it into practice so we can see how well it works. I think that it will work really good because the more people that we are inviting to be baptized, the more people that will accept and the more people that will be baptised.

You said you were going to send some videos.

I haven’t sent them yet, but I’ll work on it. Ok?

Are your packages all arriving okay?

Yeah my packages are getting here fine. They haven’t been opened at all lately, so that is a good thing and everything gets here just fine.

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