Monday, June 8, 2009

2009_06_08 Week 10 Dad

Dear Curtis,

I am writing this Sunday night. That’s a first. I will be at school tomorrow fixing the motor mount on Michelle and Jeff’s Honda. It is broken. Mr. Schirner is going to help me.

We got Clain’s Scooter back. It works now. The stater was the problem, so he is going to go get his permit renewed tomorrow so he can drive it. He is working 4, 10 hour days this summer.

We did not have a pigeon race Saturday because of bad weather it rained all weekend in Idaho. The other combine in Salt Lake let their birds out 500 miles and they still don't have birds. It was a good thing we did not fly so our 500 is next week. I have got to start training the young birds next week and get them going.

Grandpa Parkinson wants me to take your motorcycle to him. He wants to work on it. What do you think? Well I have got to go to bed so I can get up in the morning. I will check my email tomorrow at school. I Love You!



Hey, how are things going? I am doing good. Today we went to the seven waterfalls again with Elder Bartolomei and his companion Elder Essleman.

Things are going good. We have six people that have baptism dates for the twentieth of June, so we are pretty excited.

If grandpa wants my motorcycle, ask him how much he wants to pay and accept the offer and let him have it. Thank you so much.

Elder Goode

I don't think he wants to buy it. He just wants to work on it and fix it, then we can sell it.

If he wants to work on it, yeah. I know he loves to work with machines. But ask him if he wants the bike and if he does let him buy it or take it right now. It is not doing any good sitting there. Let him work on it and have it if he wants.

Okay I will talk to him. Clain is at the DMV getting his motorcycle permit renewed. Clain just called and he has his permit now. I have got to call and put the insurance back on the scooter. I Love You and will talk to you later.

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