Monday, October 26, 2009

Forgotten in Valencia?

Valencia Week 30

Hey! How are things going? Well, first of all, last week we got back here to Valencia late, like four and then we had to go open the church so that a few of our investigators and some members could play basketball and soccer. So, we didn´t have time to get back to the computers.

The party was good. We ate hamburgers and chips. We got to the party a little early so we helped set up. The Latins, my companion and the companion of Elder Esselman, his name is Elder Rojas, said that we couldn´t start the charcoal briquettes on fire to start the grill. Ha! Ha! They didn´t know that I am an Eagle Scout and I could start a fire with wet wood in a rain storm! Ha! Ha! I proved to them that we gringos know what we are doing! I started the charcoal briquettes on fire, but they weren´t burning very good. They weren´t burning all over like they should have been, so we went and got a fan and with the fan we soon had a whole grill full of briquettes ready to cook. So, we cooked the hamburgers and everything and it was cool. On the way out, is when they told us that it was going to cost us $4.50 a person, but oh well. It was definitely worth it!

Elder Bejar is going today to Peru. He might be there already. I don´t know for sure, but yesterday he went to Guayaquil and today to Peru. Elder Neyra is also in or on his way to Peru today. So now, my first three companions have finished the mission. Elder Castañeda will finish his mission in May and then I will finish and then Elder Hernandez finishes in January of 2011 and Elder Machuca in September of 2011. So ya, they are starting to go home little by little.

I still can´t believe that I have 14 months in the mission. I am over the hill and I am picking up speed really fast. I can´t believe it, but everybody keeps saying that if they change me this change that I am going back to Quevedo South. I hope not, but let’s see what happens! If that happens, I am going to change the name of my mission from Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission to Ecuador Quevedo Mission! Everybody thinks it is so funny that I now have 14 months and I am still in my second sector! I sure don´t think it is all that funny! President in my interview asked me about my sectors and when I told him that my sectors are Valencia and Balzar, he asked me how much time I had in the mission and when I told him I was going to complete 14 months, he said “Wow” and got really quiet like, “Wow, I really forgot about Elder Goode out there,” but who knows. I am pretty sure that the Lord has something in mind for me and I think it is that I have the six baptisms that I am planning for this weekend!!! I hope it works out and we can have the baptisms!

About all of your questions that you asked me in the other emails I can´t remember what they were, but I will pull up the other emails and try to answer some of them, if not all of them. Ok? Well, I hope you get this and you can respond.

I love you lots!!!

Elder Goode

Hey Buddy!

It is great to hear from you. I am sure glad you are an Eagle Scout! It really pays off at times and proves that moms do know what they are doing occasionally! Ha! Ha! Dad needs to remember some of his scout training. He wanted to burn a big pile of garden debris on Saturday. He piled it all up on the garden and then poured some gas on it because it was pretty much all wet stuff. He said he moved the gas can way back out of the way and stood way back. He threw the first three matches with no luck, but the fourth one caught and he had a huge explosion. No one was hurt, but it sounded like a sonic boom in the house and shook all the windows. Kathy and Chrissy were out working in the field across the street. They both looked up to see what had happened. Dumb!

I am sure you were meant to stay in Valencia and take care of these baptisms. Is there any chance Shirley is going to get baptized there before you leave?

I don´t think that Shirley will get baptised before I leave here. She doesn´t turn 18 until after the change and she hasn´t come to church lately and I don´t think that she really wants to anymore, so I will try, but I don´t know. I doubt it.

That is too bad. Maybe she was more interested in you than in the church. Darn!

Which six people do you have lined up for baptism this week? Did you baptize anyone this past week?

We have six lined up this week. Five are the San Martin family and one is a daughter of a member that is really inactive, but the daughter has been coming to church a few times lately. Yesterday, we went and put the date with her for this Saturday and taught her everything that she needs to know to pass the baptism interview. Last week, we were planning on baptising the San Martin family, but most of the kids were sick this week, so we taught them about blessings and then we gave them blessings and they all got better! So now they have faith that we have power to heal and to help people, so now they are a little more excited for their baptisms!

I do have a copy of the new Spanish Bible, but if you want, you could send me another copy. I have the paperback version, but I would really like the really fancy one with the side that has the little cuts in it so that you can find the books easier, so if you can, would you send me for Christmas the new bible, but the fancy one in black not in the red. I would also like the Money Maker goose call, but I think I can wait another year to get it. I think by the time I get back there will be another newer better one! So the bible yes, but the goose call no! I still have my stocking and my Christmas tree. I haven´t done the barbeque yet, but I will see what happens if we could do one, maybe this week. Oh well, let’s see. Write me back. Ok?

It is pretty amazing when I think about it that you have been gone that long. In some ways it seems really long and in other ways fairly quick. These past two months have really flown by for me. Did they for you, too?

The Lord knows what He is doing and I am sure the people you have met and taught will be touched by the seeds you have planted. It may not be right away, but someday, those seeds will take hold and grow. Everyone there will always remember a big, tall, handsome and kind gringo missionary who was always very Goode! They will remember you fondly and with great love!!! I bet you will end up somewhere entirely different in two weeks, maybe near the ocean or in the big city. Be prepared for a BIG change!

Chris Jenkins gave the Relief Society lesson on Sunday. She talked a little bit about Clayton. He has been in the same sector for seven months now. He has been living with an older couple in their home. He thought he would for sure get transferred six weeks ago, but he didn't. He was made a District Leader. He was kind of frustrated by it. Then last week, the man he lives with called Chris Jenkins. He said that he had called Clayton's Mission President and requested that Clayton stay there one more change. His mother was ill and they moved her to their home to take care of her. This man said he had met many missionaries in his lifetime and he knew if any missionary could convert his mother, Clayton was the one who could. So the Mission President had left Clayton there another change and he did convert the mother. She got baptized on Saturday. Clayton is getting transferred this week and he will be a Zone Leader. It was a very touching story. I am sure Chris told it much better than I just did, but you get the idea. The Lord is in charge and He knows where your special talents, abilities and personality are needed. Hang in there!!!

I love you so much!


Cool. I will check into the Bible. I have not been to the Distribution center since they released it. I will go this week and see what they have. Maybe I will get one for your companion as well. You will probably have a different companion by then, but I am sure whatever Elder I send it to will love it.

Are you able to study the Ensigns and Liahonas that I send you?

Which version is best for you for the Conference Issue?

Good luck on the baptisms. I am sure you will be successful this week. That is really neat about the blessings. What kind of sickness did they all have? Tell me more about the blessings please.

Are you still there? I love you. I wish you would say goodbye before you sign off.

Love always and forever,


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