Monday, October 19, 2009

Shopping in the Fenix

Week 29 Valencia

Hey! Today we are in Quevedo. We are going to a party for Elder Bejar, because he is going to be going home next week. So we are having his farewell party. We had to go take out the censo of Elder Machuca today and in three weeks I have to take mine out again, because it expires. Now we are in a cyber doing internet before we have to go to the party. I think that we are going to buy in the Fenix before we go to the party, too, but we will see what happens. The Fenix is the biggest and the best super market here in Quevedo. It has a lot of things that you can´t find in other parts of Quevedo.

We are working hard. We have a goal of four baptisms this weekend, but the mom is a little bit on the fence right now, so we are hoping that she will let us baptise her daughters. But the bishop also said that we can´t baptise her daughters if she doesn´t get baptized, so we have a bit of a problem there. So we have some work to do this week, but I think we can pull it off. We are really hopeful, so let’s see what happens. Other than that, everything is going good. We are working hard and having fun, the best way to work. Well, I hope you get this soon, so we can chat a little bit, but let’s see what happens.

Hi Curtis,
I am on the computer right now. I can chat in between taking care of Taylor. She is watching Curious George intently at the moment, but I am sure it won't last very long.

It sounds like you are having a really great day today. What exciting things will you buy in the Fenix?

I hope your baptisms work out. We will pray harder for you and this family.

I am thinking that I want to make lazania again. Elder Hernandez made it once while we were together and I want to make it again, so I will buy the stuff to make lazania. The other day I bought a can of Pringles. That was pretty cool. In the Fenix they sell a lot of things that isn´t normal, like you can buy tortillas to make tacos and American and cheddar cheese and we can buy fish that comes frozen or the shrimp that I used to make the cerviche a while back. Just about all of the missionaries here in Quevedo buy in the Fenix, so when we go, we usually run into a lot of other missionaries.

Sounds good. I made lasagna for Braxton last week, I think. I might make that again this week since I am home and twice baked potatoes that Clain keeps asking for.

What kind of a party is planned for Elder Bejar?

Where do you have to go to do the censo?

What concerns does the mom have about getting baptized?

Is Elder Machuca getting the hang of things now?

Hey we are going to go buy right now and then we are going to go to the party and then we are going back to Valencia and in Valencia we will get back on the internet for a little bit about three or three thrity. Ok? I love you lots! Bye!

I waited all afternoon for another email from Curtis, but none came. They must have decided to do something else, their plans changed or it was such an exciting party that they didn't get home as early as they anticipated.

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