Monday, October 26, 2009

Deer in Need of Help!


How is it in Ecuador? We went deer hunting on Saturday, the 18th. Dad shot a two point. We were on the pull trail. Braxton and I drug him to the truck. Dad and Kavin walked back as we drug. We have been tending Taylor while Shara and Rob are in Florida. Have you mowed any lawns with your machete lately? We are going to get ten pounds of deer jerky from the deer and some roasts and steaks.



Hey, Clain how is it going? I am doing pretty good here in Ecuador. I am working hard this week. I have the goal to baptize 6 this week, so that I can leave Valencia baptizing a few more people. I am pretty sure that this will be my last week here in Valencia because next Monday is changes.

I hope you had fun hunting and I am glad that you were able to get at least one. Send me pictures if you took them I would like to see the buck. Don’t worry Clain there will be other deer in other years and maybe another year you will be able to shoot a deer bigger than the one that I shot that is hanging in my room. Just go out there and shoot some ducks that always made me feel better. I hope all is going well. Oh ya, I love the new email address. Well I love you lots! Bye.

Kavin had this sign he thought it would be funny to put it on the deer because it was in need of help.

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