Monday, October 5, 2009

Patient in my Suffering

Week 27 Valencia

We loved the suit. Tell us more about it please. Is it a one of a kind original or has the member who made it created similar suits for other missionaries or buyers in the past?

My suit is a one of a kind because it is so large but he made one of the same fabric and with the same bells and whistles for Elder Jimenes now. I guess Elder Jimenes liked my suit. He usually uses the same type of style, but adds and subtracts what the buyer wants.

What is the name of the member who made it for you?

We call him the Bishop Cevallos (se vay os). He was the bishop in Buena Fe a while back.

What is the name of his business?

I don´t remember. He just has his shop set up that says that he is a tailor.

I put a photo of you in the suit up on your blog and also on my Smug Mug Site. Then I wrote to the missionary mom group. I got lots of fun replies back. I also put it on my Facebook Page and got fun replies back there as well. Everyone loves the suit. I can’t wait to see it in real life. Is the shirt new as well as the suit?

No, the shirt isn´t new. It is one that I brought with me.

It looks too shiny to be one of your mission shirts. Did he make the tie or did you buy the tie?

He made the tie and I bought it from him a while back.

What have the other missionaries said about the suit? I bet they all love it?

The majority of the members and the missionaries that have seen my suit really love it. They say that now I have a really great souvenir to take back home with me.
What is the full name of your new companion?

(No answer.)

Tell us about his family and about what he likes to do.

He is the youngest of five. He has two sisters and two brothers. The brothers both served missions, one in Peru and the other in Bolivia. All of his brothers and sisters are married now.

Has he been a member all of his life or is he a convert?

He has been a member all of his life.

How are you getting along?

We are getting along fine, but it is hard! He doesn´t have the maturity level that I am used to in a missionary companion, so it is hard! But I have seen that it usually takes a few changes to develop it, so I am trying to do my best to be patient in my suffering.

Are you enjoying being a trainer?

It is a lot harder than I thought. I have to tell him what to do most of the time. It is hard. My other companions all knew what they needed to do, so it is just getting used to it that is all.

We got a laugh out of your last letter because patience has never been one of your best attributes. I know you will do well as you teach him and you will not get upset because you are on the Lord’s errand now. Just remember to ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” He is not your younger brother, so don’t lose your temper with him like you would with them. I am sure it is difficult as you are such a quick learner, but remember back to when Elder Bejar trained you. He not only had to teach you how to do things, he also had the language problem to work with as well. He had to teach a gringo who didn’t understand half of what was being said. Ha! Ha! I know you will do well!

How have your first two District Meetings gone?

My first district meeting I was in Duran with Elder Williams, so I didn´t have to teach and the second one went well.

Have your lessons been well received?

They have been received well. We learned a lot together.

What concepts have you taught?

Last week, I taught about inviting our investigators to the General Conference and how important it is that they come and hear the prophet’s voice. I taught them an activity that they needed to do with their investigators. Talk with them about their problems and concerns and then write a question that they had and take it with them to the conference to receive an answer.

Have you done any baptismal interviews yet?

Yep, my first week, I did one for Elder Frye. It was pretty cool.

Who does your baptism interviews when you have someone ready for baptism?

If I have a baptism interview the zone leader or the other district leader does the interview.

Have you done any interchanges yet?

No, I don´t feel like my companion is ready yet to be on his own here in the sector without a guide, so we are working on it right now so that later in the change he will be ready for that responsibility.

How have the meetings with your Zone Leaders gone?

We didn´t have it last week. I don´t know why, but we didn´t have it.

I bet you are doing great as a District Leader. I am sure the missionaries can look up to you for your fine example and hard working attitude. Plus your gorgeous smile and just because you are so amazingly tall and handsome in your new suit! Has your Mission President seen your suit yet? I am interested to know what he and Hermana Gamboa think of it.

(No answer.)

Tell us about the people you are teaching now. You had a bunch of people attend church for a couple of weeks in a row. Are those people progressing?

We have a bunch of people that we are teaching right now and we are hoping that they will progress for baptism. We are teaching a few families, the San Martin family. There is the mom and there are five girls. The mom’s name is Rosa and then there is Valeria (17) another one that we just met. She has a weird name that I can´t remember, but she is 14. Then there is Genesis (13), Leidy (she turned 12 yesterday) and Diana (10) then there is a pair of boys. Anthony, he is 6 and Jorge, he is 2. The five girls went with us yesterday to the conference, so that was really cool! The thing is, they are going to Catholicism. It is where they learn about the gospel and prepare for the sacraments or something like that. I don´t understand it all, but ya. So we have to teach them that the Catholic Church isn´t the correct church and that they need to quit going to Catholicism. Then there is the Tower family or in Spanish the familia Torres. They are a couple that we are trying to help, but the problem that they are having is that the husband drinks, not every day, but once in a while and she doesn´t like it. So we gotta teach them and help them change so that is what we are going to be trying to do this week, teach them the Word of Wisdom and help them to overcome this problem.

Are you planning any baptisms for this week or the next few weeks?

This next week no, but we are planning for a few this month, so don´t worry.

Fast Sunday will be next week. Are there any investigators we can pray for?

The San Martin family and the Tower family.

Are you happy and healthy?


Hi Curtis,

Thanks for the answers to my questions. It sounds like you are still working hard and doing your best. We will pray for your families.

Have you been able to teach any of Dexy's family? Are you still teaching her two friends?

Yes, we are still teaching her friends.

What has happened with Isabella's daughters and the daughter's boyfriend? Are you still teaching them?

We are trying, but they really don´t want to listen to us, but we are trying.

You will have a big influence on how your companion does for the rest of his mission. Help him learn what is expected of him. Remember back when you were young. You were always so much more mature than the other boys your age. Some kids just mature a lot slower. Clain has been one to mature more slowly, but I am really amazed at how much he has changed and grown up since you left. He will be ready to go and serve when it is his time, but many kids are not really ready. They go because they feel it is expected of them, but they have to become truly converted before they really get into the mission. Help him get the routines down and then work on his testimony. Pray for him daily that he will have the desire to serve and to testify of Christ. Hopefully you will see some success soon in this change and that will motivate him to want to work hard and be committed. So much will depend on you. Pray each day to love him as your son and work hard each day at serving him. Help him with the little things and always treat him with kindness like you would a young child. He will come along and before long he will be mature and ready to make a real difference in people's lives. Above all, be the very best example you can be, because he will want to be just like you, his dad.

I love you so much and I am so happy that you are having this great growth opportunity in your life.


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