Monday, January 12, 2009

2009_01_12 Week 12 Balzar Mom

I am in Balzar still. Elder Bejar got transferred. He is in Pasquales now. He is opening a sector that was closed and he is training a new missionary, too. My new companion is Elder Acoster of Peru. He was pouchero before I started my mission. This will be his last sector, because he finishes his mission in three cambios. We had to get up at 5 this morning and leave for Guayaquil at 6. We got to the bus terminal in Guayquil at 8:30 and met with tons of missionaries. And then the Assistants bought bus tickets and we left for Balzar and now we are in Balzar once again.

Yes, I have found many crickets in our house, the stinken' buggers. I don´t know where they are entering from, but they keep coming in. I also encountered a colony of ants behind our bulletin board in the house. That was fun to kill them all and clean up. I also encountered a grasshopper that is four inches long and stands about two or three inches tall. They are huge.

Things are going good. We don´t have any baptisms planned, but we are teaching lots of people trying to find people to baptize.

Okay. The bus to Guayaquil must have been a lot faster than your first trip out if you made it in only 2 1/2 hours. I was expecting a 4 hour ride again. Who are the new Assistants to the President? Tell us more about your new companion. What do you think of him so far?

Sorry about the bugs. I am glad you have not been complaining though.

Our first trip, the bus went slow, because it was prime hours for picking people up. My companion is good. He knows how to fix electronics very well. Maybe he can fix our two broken fans in the house? He seems like a good Elder. I have only heard good things about him. The new Assistants are Elder Rouson, he was put in the other transfer and now to replace Elder Bryan, Elder Fuentemavida. He trained Elder Walke.

That is awesome. Elder Walke has only had good stuff to say about Elder Fuentemavida. What is your companion's first name? Where in Peru is he from. Has he been a member his whole life or is he a convert? Tell us about his family and his schooling. Was he going to college to learn the electronics?

I don´t know much of that stuff yet, but I will ask and get back to you next week, but I do know that he knows how to fix things because he worked before the mission fixing things. Oh, he is twenty seven years old. Well I have to go. I love you lots. Bye.

Have a great week. I hope you can write more next week. We love you lots.

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  1. Please give my best to "Cousin and Nephew Rouson." I am a distant relative in Riverside CA. My children are Itiri and Kailu, whose dad is Bill Rouson of North Carolina. Homer, Louvenia, Katie, & Amphia are all Bill's living siblings. God bless you, Elder Rouson, and be safe and well on your journey and in your mission! I am not LDS, but I have a niece who is. I am your Aunt or Cousin Susan Rouson. If you write to me at, I'll send you pics of Itiri, Kailu, and all my grandkids, who are blood related to you somehow! I will pray for you!