Monday, January 12, 2009

2009_01_12 Baptism By Immersion

We got a box in the mail today and a letter. That was exciting. The letter had Curtis's testimony written in Spanish. I have posted it on the sidebar of his blog. I did my best to translate it into English using several online translation sites, but some of it still doesn't quite make sense. I am sure I am missing something. If anyone reading this blog can translate it better, please send the translation to me in an email. My email address is at the bottom of the left nav bar.

The package cost $12.30 for Curtis to send home to us. It contained his camera all apart in many pieces packed in the red and green packing that I had sent in one of his Christmas packages and a note written on the Lab Notes notepad that I sent him at Christmas. The pages have a picture of a black lab at the top, paw prints down the side of the page and three puppies at the bottom, one chocolate, one black and one yellow lab. Curtis loves dogs and left behind a black laborador hunting dog when he went on his mission. Her name is Nitro.

The note reads:

Hey! How is everybody? Things are great here in Ecuador. We baptized the family of Ricardo and Maria and my camera all in the same day. I'm buying a new one today. This one that I am sending you needs some work, but it works, posssibly a new display and reassembled because I took it apart to get the water out. Fix this camera and give it to Clain, maybe for his birthday. The papers and other things are in my stuff somewhere. I'm not sure where.

I love you.
Elder Goode

The baptism took place on December 27, 2008, so he probably mailed the camera on December 29th, his next P-day. That was two weeks ago, which is pretty fast delivery. I will scan the stamps and post here. They are pretty cool to look at. The letter with his testimony in was probably also mailed on December 29th, because that was when I asked him to send it again. That is the fastest any of his mail has arrived. The letter came through the return pouch and was postmarked in Salt Lake City on January 8, 2009.

I thought that I would take a photo of the camera all apart and post it on this blog with this letter, but didn't get the photo taken right away. When Clain got home from work, he ate and then got a screw driver and started assembling it back together. He worked on it for over an hour. When he was done, he only had one metal piece, 13 screws and an O ring leftover. He turned it on and a red light came on, but nothing else. I will have to find the warranty paperwork on the camera and take it back to Inkleys where we bought it. I seem to remember though that the warranty covered everything except water damage, so we will probably have to pay to have it repaired. I didn't want to hurt Clain's feelings, so I just took a photo of the camera after his re-assembly work.

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  1. Whoops! He'll probably be more careful in the future about not getting his camera wet. Oh, well. How fun that he had a baptism. It sounds like he is doing great! Thanks for taking the time to post his letters. I love reading them when I get the chance.