Monday, January 26, 2009

2009_01_19 Week 13 Balzar Dad Rash

Sorry I am so late posting this one. We had a wedding to worry about this past week. Curtis wrote only only this one short email last week.

Craig wrote on Mon, 19 Jan 2009 10:38:35 -0700

Dear Curtis,

How is everthing in Balzar? Clain and I went hunting Wednesday out at the sewer plant and did really well. We got 14; two spoones and the rest mallards. The season ended Saturday so we are done till next fall.

We are at grandmas tending Taylor while Shara is taking bridal pictures of Michelle. Mom is on her way up here as she does errands. Tell us about your new companion? I will be here at grandmas so I can email.

I Love You,

Love DAD.

Things are good. Today we had to go to Guayaquil. We had appointments at the Clinica Kennedy at 10 this morning. We met Hermana Gamboa there. The reason that we had to go to the Clinica is because my companion Elder Alcocer and I both have little bumps all over our bodies that sting and itch when we are in the heat which is pretty much all the time, so we had our appointments. They examined our skin, our backs and necks. The doctor thinks that we either have parasites or that we are both allergic to something that we came in contact with but we think that it is the weather that the heat and humidity is the cause, so the doctor prescribed us a cream to help with the stinging and itching and some pills too. He also took blood stool and urine samples.

After the clinic we had lunch at McDonalds, a real treat for us. It was good. After lunch, we went to the mall and had some pictures developed and then we went and bought pancake mix and syrup because we can’t find it in Balzar and took a bus back to Balzar. Now we are in the cyber writing emails.

We will receive the results of our tests tonight. Hermana Gamboa will receive them today in the afternoon and call us and tell us what they found out and what we need to do now.

Besides that everything is good. We are working hard. We don´t have any baptisms planned, but we are working on fixing that one day at a time.

I´m glad you got to go hunting one more time. I had a feeling that the sewer plant was going to be good this year. Send me photos of the ducks.


Elder Goode

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