Monday, March 8, 2010

The Lord will Bless You!

Dear Curtis,

How are things going in Ecuador? Have you had any more earthquakes or aftershocks? I was able to get us put in for the Pronghorn hunt you and me as a group and you, Braxton and me for the Deer hunt. The Deer hunt is only going to be a 6 day hunt this year. So we will have to make up for that in duck hunts. Sam Bartholomew left on his mission on February 17th. He went to Tulsa Oklahoma Spanish speaking. I don’t know if mom had told you this or not. Let us know what has happened with transfers. I am sure mom has told you that Clain met with President Bennett yesterday and he sent his papers in last night, so we should here on the 17th if not the 24th where he will be going. Did mom tell you to make a guess where Clain will be going and when he will be leaving? Make a guess today! You could be the winner!

Saturday we went Pheasant hunting, Braxton, Clain ,Kavin and me. It was west of Bothwell. We had a good time. Clain wanted to go before it ended. Let us know what is going on. I Love You.



Hey, so things are going really good. Clain sent me an email and told me that he had sent in his papers for the mission and to guess where he is going. I know that I am going to win with my answer! That is cool that you guys went and shot some pheasants. I hope that Clain enjoyed the hunt. Well I gotta go send some more emails. Mom wants a really long email and I have lots to write right now, so I love you lots.


Elder Goode

Hey that’s great you are a Zone Leader and you got transferred. Mom sent me your email. She keeps me informed. Keep working hard and the Lord will bless you in all you do. I love you!



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