Monday, March 8, 2010

Miss you lots Curt!

I really miss you lots Curt. I am doing well in school. I can't wait to see you again. I hope that you get Clain's email and answer it. He is really looking forward to your answer. I hope that the work is progressing and that you are working hard and trying your best. Remember that how hard you work is between you and the Lord and you will know if you are working to the fullest of your ability and he will know. I enjoyed this last weekend. We went pheasant hunting with Kavin. I have been playing indoor soccer with some kids that live in our neighborhood. I hope that you're doing well.



Hey Buddy! I sent Clain an email so don´t worry. He will have my answer, ok? I hope that you are working your hardest in school and keeping on top of your grades, ok? Keep an eye on my dog, ok? I want her in good shape for this fall, so you better take her out and let her get some exercise so that she isn´t a ball of fat for the next duck hunt, ok? I love you lots!

Be Goode!

Elder Goode

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