Monday, March 22, 2010

New Companion & Converts

Photos from the Zone Leader Conference held on March 12, 2010 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Elder Curtis Goode is on the back row, as always, just left of the center window.

Week 3 Babahoyo

Did you have your baptism?
Yes, we had another baptism on Saturday. Linyker Arturo Cabezas Peñafiel

Do you have any more baptisms lined up?
We have a couple baptisms, but they aren´t as set as the last four that we had.

How did your Zone do last week on baptisms?
We had five baptisms as a zone this last weekend. That means that we have had eight baptisms as a zone this month so far.

How are the couples you are teaching coming along?
We are having a few problems with the couples. They just aren´t keeping the commitments that we are giving them. It is hard. We want to help them, but our advice isn´t any good if they don´t do anything with what we tell them.

Tell us more about each of the people you have baptized these past two weeks. What are their names and stories?

Wendy and Sandy Alvarez, they are two girls. Wendy is seventeen, I think and Sandy, thirteen. They have an aunt that is a member and we are trying to work with the mom and dad. The dad doesn´t want anything to do with the church and the mom wants to get baptized, but they aren´t married so they have to get married and the dad doesn´t want to get married either.

Jessenia Parraga, her kids are members, but she couldn´t get baptized because she was living with the father of her kids and they weren´t married and he had another family, too, so she told him if he wanted to be with her he would marry her and leave the other family. And he said no, so she told him to get lost and get out of the house and he left. He still visits his kids, but she doesn´t want anything to do with him.

Linyker Arturo Cabezas Peñafiel, he is the brother of a recent convert. She told us the first day we were here in the sector that she was going to bring her brother to church, so she did and we set a date to visit him and we went and taught the first lesson and left him with the commitment to pray. When we visited him again we asked if he had prayed and he said si that he knew it was true and that he wanted to share what he now knew with everybody (That is cool). So we told him that he could he could become like us and be a missionary, but he needed to be baptized first. So we committed him to be baptized for the 27th, but his sister said that on the 27th they were going to be going to the temple. And then the sister asked if Linyker could go to the temple, too, and we thought about it for a minute and decided that it is possible that if he was baptized on the 20th he could go to the temple on the 27th. So we put the date and then we started to see how hard it was going to be. We had taught the first lesson and we had a week to teach the rest of the lessons so that he could get baptized. So what we did is sent a pair of ward missionaries to visit and teach the Plan of Salvation and then we left the sister in charge to teach him the law of chastity, word of wisdom, tithing and the Sabbath day. We then visited him and went over all of the lessons again and taught lesson three and a few other commandments and then asked him the baptism interview questions and set the time for his interview and that was all we taught him. He passed the interview without a problem. Now he is baptized and confirmed and he should be getting the priesthood this week some time so that he can go to the temple on Saturday. He was so ready! I am so glad that we found him when we did!

Tell us about the people you are teaching now.

We are teaching a few other people but we don´t have a whole lot right now who are progressing.

Are you getting along well with your companion?

Well about the whole companion thing, guess what? I have a new companion. His name is Elder de Leon from Guatemala. Elder Alvarez got his last change in the mission. He is going to Bolivia. He finished the mission. I don´t know why, but he had to go today, so I took him to Guayaquil and got my new companion and now we are back in Babahoyo now doing our pday.

Send us a photo or two if you can of you, your companion and your zone.

I will have to see what I can do about the photo as for the one with my companion. It is a little late now.

So is it raining a ton and getting your feet wet all the time?

It rains, but at night so it isn´t too bad right now. I will see what I can do about finding shoes ok. I looked my shoes over and I have a pair that are still in really good condition. I thought they were a lot worse than they really are. I forgot why I put them away and didn´t like to use them but now using them I remembered. They squeak when I walk, but besides that they are really good shoes so I will see how long these will last and if I need to buy, I will let you know.

Are you wearing the other two pair of shoes at all?

I still have all three pairs of shoes and I wear the ones that I fixed in the conferences and stuff like that but not much the thing is even though they are patched up the water still enters when I am stepping in water so that makes it kinda hard.

Have the patches worn through on the pair you had fixed?

No, but yes.

Are your feet having problems with cracking and bleeding?

No, my feet are really good. I am not having any problems right now with cracking and bleeding.

What advice can you give dad for his talk? What blessings have you received for serving a mission?

I would talk a lot about the example that I am setting for Clain and Braxton and how your example of going on the mission helped me to want to go and serve. I know that the example that I have set has helped a lot of the youth in the ward to go or to help them go on their missions. Just look at how many missionaries there are right now in the ward that have left after I left on my mission.

What advice would you give me about getting Clain ready to go?

Well a lot will depend where he goes and what sort of stuff he will need in his area. You know him, right? Send him with about ten bottles of the anti-diarrhea stuff, ok? Mission food kills you, especially foreign mission food!

Have you received your St. Patrick’s Day package yet?

No, I haven´t gotten it yet, but maybe this week.

Did they take a photo at the Zone Leaders’ Conference?

Yes, see the letter from Sister Gamboa.

Are you healthy and happy?

Yes, very happy and very healthy.

I love you so very much and I am very proud of you and all you are doing. Keep working hard and always be obedient so you will be blessed and protected from harm and sickness.
Love always and forever,

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