Monday, February 2, 2009

2009_02_02 Week 15 Balzar Mom

I didn't send Curtis a list of questions this week, just a few in my regular email to him which he didn't answer in his email. Thus his email is short. I guess I will go back to the questions next week again. It seems we get more information that way. He did include two photos with his email this week. This is Curtis with his new companion, Elder Christian Alcocer. Notice that he has lost some weight. He looks really good, except for the sunburn. It doesn't look like he is using the sunscreen he took with him. I will have to ask him about it next week. He is either sweating a lot in this photo or just come in from the rain. I don't remember sending that tie with him, so I am not sure where it came from. Another question for next week. He does look good and healthy and happy and that is comforting for his mother to see.

Hey! How is everything? Things in Ecuador are good. We have been working hard here in Balzar. We have found people to teach, but we are still having trouble finding people that will progress in the gospel. We only have one person right now that is progressing towards baptism. Her name is Mariella. She lives in Relicario. Her sister is a member and lives in the Casa Capilla or house church that we meet in in Relicario. She wants to be baptized, but she is having some doubts, but we are helping her to overcome those. After she is baptized, we are pretty sure that her two daughters will be baptized, too. One is 13 and the other is 11 and there is a niece that is 12 that we have met, too, that seems interested in the gospel or I guess I should say the gringo that preaches the gospel. Fetch! The girls here, especially the young girls 12 or 13 years old are all in love with me, I swear.

Things are good. I killed my first mouse in Ecuador the other day. It was in our house.

Notice that Curtis is holding the dead mouse and seems pretty happy about it. I guess this is as close to hunting and killing animals as he is going to get for a while. I am sure they made a good time of it as evidenced by the funky atire. Brooms would not be his weapon of choice, but I guess you must make do with what you have. We have the movie "Mouse Hunt" on DVD and I remember watching him as he watched that movie. He was laughing so hard at the antics of that sly little mouse in the movie. I am sure he would never want one of those creatures to get the best of him. Poor little creature! He was probably frightened to death by such a giant pursuing him.

I do notice that his pants are muddy at the bottom which is probably what they are looking like most of the time now with the rainy season upon them. He is wearing his shower shoes. I imagine he wears them around the apartment a lot. He didn't tell us if he found boots in his size or not. Maybe next week.

I made a cool thing to hold incense while it burns the other day out of a piece of bamboo. It is pretty cool.

We have been working in Palestina a lot the past two weeks to help the members there. They want to form their own branch, so we have been working to find more families so they can form a branch with their own missionaries.

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