Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009_02_16 Week 17 Balzar Dad

Dad wrote on Mon, 16 Feb 2009 09:23:23 a.m.

Hi Curtis,

Skyler is taking care of the pigeons for me while we are down in St. George. He is doing great. He is working at an insurance agency selling insurance. He had a bunch of dinner meetings in Cache Valley this week. He is working on getting a license to sell insurance. He has to dress up in a suit every day. I guess that is a good use of his missionary suits. He has a girlfriend again. She wants to get married. He wants to wait. Same old Skyler.

I need to put in for hunts this week. Not much going on that way right now.School is okay.How has your week been?

I love you lots.Dad

Wow time sure flies it is time to put in for the hunts already. Tell Skyler to write me a letter it was Christmas when I last heard from him. I will write him a letter today but it will take three or four weeks to get to him so tell him to write me. It sounds like you are having the same old fun that we usually do on trips; parts breaking and the little problems, but just remember what Elder Wirthlin talked about in conference, come what may and enjoy it. Laugh when things go wrong.

We did laugh. No tempers this time. Good humor.

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