Monday, December 1, 2008

2008_12_01 Week 6 Balzar

Mom wrote to Curtis on Mon, 01 Dec 2008 00:11:53 -0700
Curtis replied back on Monday at 9:01 am

Hi Curtis,
Just a few questions today, then please tell us about the past week. Have you gotten the packages I sent? If yes, what condition were they in?


Have you gotten any letters or Dear Elders? Who are they from? What dates are they from?

Yes both from you the one I read today was about the wheat and dry ice

Who is your District Leader? What elders are in your district? Who are their companions?

in my district there are 16 elders
me and my companion
Elder Williams and Sanches Gringos
Elder Norgran and Anderson Gringos
Elder Janampa and Jargerui Elder Janampa in my district leader
Elder Fuentalba and Estrada
Elder Arana and Ricconi Elder Arana in our Zone leader and Elder Ricconi is the other district leader
Elder Moran and Verastegui
Elder Chiza and Faundes
Elders Chiza and Moran are otavalanios natives of Ecuador they are allowed to keep their hair long while they serve their missions

Who are your Zone Leaders?

Elder Arana is my zone leader

In the photos you sent last week, can you identify the elders for us? At least your District Leader and Your Zone Leaders.

Elder arana is the elder on the far right and there are two elders between elder janampa and elder arana and Elder Ricconi is directly above elder janampa

Why does the elder on the front row on the left have on white pants, a vest, no tie and white slippers?

I am not for sure why he is dressed that way but he is one of the otavalanios elder Chiza and elder Moran is on the top row on the left

Did you get a photo of the six people on the motorcycle? That had to be funny! It is funny just to imagine it.

No but I see all the time motorcycles with four and five people on them

Thanks Curtis.

This saturday we had scheduled 3 baptisms but one Carlos De Barco he will be in Guayaquil at school so we will re schedule the other two are Allison and her brother Christopher the baptism will be moved to sunday morning because with allison and christopher two members are getting baptised and one of the two wont turn 8 untill sunday so we changed all of the baptisms to sunday so that they didnt have to come to balzar twice Allison asked me if I would baptise her so I will have another baptism this sunday. this last wednesday I had an inter cambio where elder arana took my place in balzar for 24 hours and I took his place in Quevedo with his companion Elder Ricconi it was neat to be able to work in a different place and with different people. Today is the cambio but No one in our zone got changed everybody is staying where they are at.

Thanks Curtis. Tell us more about what you are doing. I have to run upstairs and check on some switches that don't appear to be working. I will hurry, but while I am gone, please just write more about what you are doing. Why did they do the inter cambio? Does cambio = transfer?

Cambio is change or transfer yes. They do the inter cambio so that the leader of the zone gets a chance to check on our area and the people we are teaching and it is a chance to learn new things from other people. There is an elder that is leaving today for utah that is done with his mission he is the one that trained elder bejar his name is elder Jeremy Ruppe he lives in orem 208 East 2000 North Orem, utah 84057 his phone number is 1-801-221-7955 and his email address is the_gleameye at talk with him about the mission he should be able to tell you lots about the mission. Check out the web page select my name and the password is ******* this site is the one I can order things on

Okay. I will get hold of Elder Ruppe. It will be fun to talk to someone who has been down there and really knows what is going on. I will also check out the web page you sent. Did you get to talk to Elder Ruppe much at all?

How come you are on the email earlier today? Do you have plans to do something different today?

No I didnt talk to him at all but he trained Elder bejar so he would know a lot about elder bejar too you could also check out the web site or ecu I cant remember which but this is the site that was on a bottle of kola galleto so I think it will have all of the pepsi products in Ecuador

Cool. I am looking at the site right now. I will have to translate to understand much. One entry looks like your passage to go get your sense, one is something about light and one is focus for the house of the fourth. What is that? The home page has a message that I think is from the old mission president. What kinds of things do you use this site to order?

that is refunds one is for my passage to get my senso the other is a lightbulb for the house a foco and the other is the electicity for two months

Sorry, I was wrong. The home page has a message from Elder Arana. Maybe he is replacing someone else that was serving in the office. It also has a message from the Nurses about requesting medicines. What medicines do they send out to you?

what ever you need my companion recieved lamacil for atheletes foot from the enfermeras

Cool. It looks like they have a place for you to put in referrals that you get to other areas of the mission. And it looks like there is a place to track how well the members you baptize are being retained or kept active in the gospel. There is a place to place orders and a place for reimbursements. What does Giro mean? The translator doesn't have that one.

Giro is the money we recieve every two weeks it is called a giro. well I gotta go I love you lots Bye

I love you, too. I hope to hear more from you next week. Write more of your experiences when you can. Have a great week.

Okay. It is good to know that you can get the stuff you need to help you with your health. Do you have to have shots for anything or wormer medicine while you are there?

I dont think so but before I leave the mission they will give me a strong pesticide that will kill anything that I have gotten during the mission aparently it is so strong that they cant get it in the states well I gotta go by mom I love you Remember Who You Are

Thanks Curtis. I always try to remember I am a daughter of God. You are His son and He is proud of you!

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  1. Thanks for posting Curtis' emails. It is really neat to be able to get on and read them. He sounds like he is doing great! I think it is really cool that you can email back and forth like that. Isn't it great to live in this age where communication is so quick and easy. I am grateful for it. I will be looking forward to next weeks email.