Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008_12_08 Week 7 Balzar Dad

Dear Curtis

I hope you week has been good. Mine has been ok. Wednesday Kavin is going to go duck hunting with Todd and me. I think we are going to go to Bear River. It is snowing today I hope we get a lot today. I have not been hunting since Braxton got his swan so I am ready. The other night we cleaned all the shot guns. We did yours. We will do the 3006 a night this week. Skyler called me this morning. He is going out duck hunting in the snow. He got laid off from work so he has go alot of free time on his hands.

How are the people doing that you are teaching? I think Mom told you she took the day off and went to Logan to look for Michelle a wedding dress. Shara is going with them.

Have you seen any different birds there? What are they and what do they look like? Let me know when you are on and I will keep looking for an email.

I Love You, Love Dad

There aren´t a lot of wild ducks that I have seen but they have a typeof domesticated muscovy duck here and also domesticated whistling duckor tree duck. the teaching is going good The baptism yesterday was good too well I gotta go I love you

Curtis, are you done for the day?

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