Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008_12_29 Week 10 Balzar Dad

Dear Curtis

It was good talking to you on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was too bad we had the phone problems, but everything worked out. I had an email all typed to send and I spell checked it and lost the email so I had to start over. Mom is reading your email to us as I am typing this. I am going to have Braxton and Clain help me put sand and hay in the nests and put the breeders together today. I will have Clain carry the crates of birds for me. I love you.

Love Dad

That is good. Keep the boys busy and out of trouble. See if you can´t take them hunting one more time before the season ends.

I will try to get them out hunting again. That is exciting about Skyler and his mission. He wanted to tell you himself. Keep working hard and you will be blessed. We pray for you every day to find new people to teach and baptize. Have a good week. I love you.


I´ll keep working hard. Tell Skyler that when he gets to the MTC to just be obedient to all of the rules and it is easy. Tell him that the first few days are the hardest and if he can just make it to Sunday, that things get a whole lot easier. Also tell him to speak as much Japaneese as he can while he is at the MTC because once he gets to Japan he is going to wish that he had spoken more. Tell him Thursday is wing night in the MTC. He will figure out what that means when he gets there.

I love you all a lot. Tell the boys "Hi" for me and tell them to write me a letter telling me what they got for Christmas.

Hi! This is Braxton.

Dad got 2 new paddleducks and I got 2 DS games, 3 PS2 games and an i-pod. Clain also got an i-pod and "Dangerous Hunts 2009" and "Legendary Adventures" from me. The DS games are "Castlevania Portrait of Ruin" and "The Legend of Zelda" and "The Phantom Hourglass" plus one from Taylor that is "Castlevania and The Dawn of Sorrow". My i-pod is blue and Clain's is green.

We got movies also, "The Dark Knight" and "Hancock" and "The Rescuers" and many more. Clain and I got a gun cleaning kit. It is cool and has lots of cool stuff. The PS2 games I got are "The Legend of Spyro" and "The Dawn of Dragons", and "Lego Batman", and a new "Lord of the Rings, Return of the King".

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