Monday, December 15, 2008

2008_12_15 Week 8 Balzar Mom

Mom Emailed Curtis on Mon, 15 Dec 2008 01:38:28 -0700
Curtis Emailed back that same day.

Hi Curtis,

We would like to have you call on Thursday night. That is this week, on the 18th if that will work for you. Rob, Shara,Taylor, Michelle and Jeff can all come down that night if it will work for you. They will not get here till 6:30 or 7:00. I know that is getting really late for you. If it needs to be earlier, Michelle will leave work early to get here sooner. Will that work and what time is best for you? If not, we could do Friday, the 19th or Sunday, the 21st. Those days don't work as well for everyone, but they will adapt to work with your schedule.

is there a time that I can call the next week? when it is closer to christmas. I will have to ask permission in order to call this week and the time to ask would be this wednesday when I have an innterview with president gamboa but then I won?t be able to tell you if I am calling or not. the next week would be much better if you could.

Where will you be calling from?

The house of president Ruiz he has a phone that they allow the public to use and it has a meeter on it to tell how much time you have used and how much it costs so I can call you on this and then you can call back

How long are you allowed to talk on your phone call? I need to buy the right length of calling card.

I can only talk for 45 minutes no more

When is your companion going to make his phone call?

on the 25 in the evening

Have you received any packages yet? Did you call the office about them?

no I haven?t recieved them and no I didn?t call about them

Have you received any more DearElder paper letters? I have sent you one or two every week since you left.

yes I recieved 8 last wednesday and read them today

Did you get to baptize Christopher this week? How old are Allison and Christopher?

no we didn?t christopher is ten and allison is 12

Did your investigators come to church this week?

yes we had ten investigators at church this week

Tell us more about your investigators that are progressing and scheduled for baptism, please.

Carlos de Barco he is scheduled to be baptised this next sunday he has had much time with the missionaries but he studies in guayaquil which makes it hard to schedule time to meet with him but we have been working hard to schedule this and it is pretty sure that he will get baptised

The Family of Ricardo and Maria they are great investigators they need to get married but we are working on that we need to get mariah a papel de votacion to prove that she voted so that we can get the papers they need to be married they also have two kids that can get baptised too so on the 27th they are getting baptised if they are married by that date. they love the missionaries and we have lots of fun with them lots of good jokes

Tell us more about the four times you have hit your head. Did you get hurt badly? Did you laugh or cry?

the first time I hit my head it hurt we were leaving the barber shop and they have a metal door that is similar to a garage door that you can pull down this is what I hit my head on. The second time was in a bus the celing in the busses are short so I have to bend over a little bit to enter since I was bent over I didn?t see the hand rail that is monunted to the roof of the bussed and I hit my head on this this one hurt but not that bad I didn?t realise it untill later when I was scrathing my head and found a scab that this one had caused me to bleed. the third was the door to the house where allison and christopher live and it didn?t hurt but every one laughed at me and I laughed too. the fourth was a tin roof and it was more of a bump than a solid hit so it didn?t hurt at all.

How are your clothes holding up? Is the hand washing hard on them?

my clothes are fine no problems so far just the nametags on the socks are coming off that is all

Are you dreaming in Spanish yet?

no I haven?t really been dreaming in my sleep or if I have I don?t remember it

What was the best thing that happened to you this week?

(no answer)

Have you done anything Christmasy, like Caroling or baking cookies for your investigators? Do you have an oven?

no we haven?t done anything christmasy and no we don?t have an oven

Are you happy and healthy? Has the cold gotten better or worse?

yeah I am happy and healthy my cold is doing much better I have been using zicam that I bought in the mtc and it is helping a lot

Do you need anything?

no but in the next package you send send me a couple more tide pens they are life savers.

I love you lots.Mom

Hi Curtis,

Shara and Rob can't come down on Christmas Eve like normal because Rob's brother, Jason, is a fireman and that was the only day he had off. They are having the Gibbons party that night. I just emailed Shara to see when they could come down. It will have to be Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Unless we do it on Christmas day and do it from Lewiston.

Michelle and Jeff are coming down for Christmas Eve and morning, then they are driving up to Island Park for the weekend with his family at a cabin. We could possibly all go up to Lewiston on Christmas day before Michelle and Jeff head north and call from there.

I read that you are going to the temple this week on Wednesday. Tell us more about that. What time to do leave on the bus to go? Are you sleeping the night? What other activities are planned besides going to the temple?

Are you still there? I feel really bad about the packages. They should have been there by now. Please try to do some checking to see if you can locate them. They left the airport in Miami on November 24th, so they are in Ecuador somewhere. I can't track them any farther than that. I tried, but I can't find the right place to look. I will see if Gary Jenkins can help me with the tracking. Please check on your end.

Curtis, Could you do Sunday night, the 21st? We could go to Smithfield and you could call there? We could go up after church, so anytime in the afternoon or evening would work that day.

We could do Monday or Tuesday if that doesn't work. We would have to drive to Smithfield and have you call there. Michelle gets off work at 6:00, so you could call at 6:30 and everyone would be there by then.

Choose the day and time that works best for you. The phone number in Smithfield is 435-563-5709.

(No answer to any of these. He must have been out of time. We will have to setup a phone call by email next Monday.)

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