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2008_12_08 Week 7 Balzar Mom

Mom Emailed Curtis on Sun, 07 Dec 2008 19:08:16 -0700
Curtis Emailed on 8 December 2008

Dear Curtis,

Some questions for you to answer. Like I told you in my other letter, I will be shopping with the girls today. I will have my phone with me so I can get your emails. Hopefully I will have a signal and be able to email with you a bit.

Are you happy and healthy? Have you had any sickness?

right now I have a bit of a cold but it is nothing serious don t worry

Have you gotten your packages yet? If not, do you think you could contact the Mission Office and ask about them?

No I haven t recieved my packages yet yes I can call and ask about them but my companion said that the office elders will pay for them and take the money from my giro so don t worry

Have you gotten any more letters?

no no more letters yet

I got an email from a guy this week. He had gone to your page on the mission website. His message reads, "I to served in that area, it is lots of work to do thier. tell eulogio i said hi to him and his family. enjoy your mish. con amor years served 02-04. frank ika." Do you know anyone named eulogio? I think he means they are in Balzar.

Eulogio is the name of Presidente Ruiz the president of the rama in balzar his wife is my mamita de comida so it isn t a problem to tell them hi for hno ika

How did your baptisms go? Please tell us all about them.

they were good they didn t get to the church untill 8 30 and the baptism was supposed to start at 8 because church is at 9 but it was good first was the son of a member that lives in palestina then I baptised Allison and then the son of another member that lives in relicario christopher did not want to get baptised but next week he might get baptised we will see. in sacrament meeting they confirmed all three members of the church so it was good.

Do you have any new investigators that are promising or any more that are committed to baptism?

Yes we have six people with baptism dates Julio España, Carlos de barco, Florentino, Christopher, and a family Ricardo and Maria they have two kids that can get baptised but the kids don t have dates for baptism right now but we are working on it first we have to get them married this friday is the day we have set for their marrage. They love the missionaries every time we visit them usually every other day in the evening they feed us galletas a sweet cracker with cola or crackers and fresh cheese or galletas with jam every time.

What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?

we taught the ten commandments with presidente Ruiz and his wife to the family of Ricardo and Maria presidente is so good he taught the comandment don t commit audultery he taught the whole law of chastity and commited them to be married this friday it was soo cool and then this sunday I was talking to presidente in his office and elder Bejar was outside talking to other members and Ricardo and Maria came in to talk to presidente about the things they would need for marrage the papers and all that and we commited them to be baptised on the 27 of december during this time it was amazing.

What is the most spiritual thing you have had happen to you so far?

(No answer)

Tell us about Christmas preparations in Balzar. What do the people there do to get ready for Christmas? Are there lights in the city or programs, or ward parties or caroling? Do they have advertising in the stores?

There is advertising in the stores yeah almost the whole time I have been here people put up lights and trees too but I don t know about caroling or ward parties the cyber I am in right now has lights up and decorations

Do you have any invitations to eat lunch with anyone on Christmas day?

We have invitations but we can t only with our mamita

What will your Christmas day be like there?

A normal day in the mission but we will share a message about Christ and watch joy to the world with the people we visit then in the evening we will visit our mamita and she is planning on preparing us dinner

Did you get to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional?

no we could only watch it if we had investigators and we would have had to go to quevedo too to watch it

Tell us about something funny that has happened to you or that you have seen.

so far I have managed to hit my head four different times here once on a metal doorway when we were leaving the barber shop the second in a bus the third in relicario a wooden doorway and the fourth a tin roof of a patio

How is your Spanish coming?

it is coming along ok I am understanding the people much better now

Have you seen any ducks, geese or swans in your area?

just the ducks that people have they are a form of domesticated muscovy duck there is also a type of whistling duck here too they are also called tree ducks

Have you seen any other animals, like deer, antelope, elk, moose or bear?

Cows pigs goats gecos birds

Do they have any kind of hunting in Ecuador?

not really that I have heard of or seen but don t worry I will keep searching

Please tell us anything else that you would like to or that you think we would like to hear about.

I sent you two disks of pictures last Wednesday in our district meeting. What day would be best for you to call me? I know a phone that I can use to call you that you can call back but you need to tell me when to call you I want to call when All of the family is there so figure out when the family will be together and then email me this time remember there is a time difference too If you want to buy me a Christmas present you could buy me The Money Maker it is a goose call made by Zink and just put it in the gun cabinet for when I get back you don t need to send it to me.

I love you so much.

Hi Curtis. Thanks for the answers. I sent another package this morning. It has letters for your mamitas. There are also Christmas cards with our family photo on. Give one to each mamita.

Sorry to hear about you hitting your head. There are some disadvantages to being a giant.

Your experiences are awesome. I am so happy you are having wonderful experiences like that. I know your testimony must be growing. Tell us more about your great experiences. I am driving to Cache Valley. I pulled over to type this. Type long paragraphs about your experiences please.

what experiences do you want to know about?

Anything. Good, bad, funny, spiritual

(No reply, so sad)

I love you. Have a terrific week. You are a magnificent missionary.

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