Monday, December 22, 2008

2008_12_22 Week 9 Balzar Clain & Braxton


Hey, how are you buddy? How many ducks have you killed this year? I haven't killed any ducks this year, but I did try to kill a person. This is actually really funny!

We were walking home from an appointment. It was a little before 9 in the evening and a drunk guy on a motorcycle saw me and decided to say "Hi." So he said, in English, "Hey, my friend." When he said this, he stood up on the pegs of the motorcycle and when he did this his motorcycle veered left. Another drunk guy on a motorcycle was trying to pass him as he stood up, so the second guy hit the first guy and they both hit the ground. They both stood up and started to pick up their motorcycles. At this point we started waking really fast and took the next taxi that came by, to the house. It was pretty funny.

Be careful buddy. No accidents, ok. They aren't fun. Trust someone that has been in one. Drive safely and DON'T hot rod, ok. I love you lots. Be good.

Hey Braxton,

How are you Buddy? What are you hoping to get for christmas? I'm not hoping to get much for Christmas this year. But tell mom for me that if Santa wants to bring me something to the house that a Money Maker goose call will be fine.

Tell dad to take you hunting a few more times before the season ends. I love you lots. Be good. Send me more pictures of the duck hunt! Ok? Thanks, Buddy.

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