Monday, March 2, 2009

2009_03_02 Study Preach My Gospel

Dear Bishop Hipwell,

Hey! How are things in the states? In Ecuador, things are going good. I have had many wonderful experiences here. So far, I have baptised 6 people during my mission, but our missions aren´t about the number of baptisms that we have or the number of lessons that we have. It is about how we serve the Lord; if we are obedient to all of the rules or just the ones we want to follow; if we are focused on the work or if we are here to sight see; if we truly want to bring souls unto Christ or just want to say I baptised thousands on my mission. I have learned that everything we do down to the tiniest thing, down to whether we are in our bed at 10:30 or 10:31, can make a difference. Maybe it is only a minute of sleep, but when we are obedient in all things, this is when we can receive revelation and when we will have success.

Tell all of the Priests that they need to study the lessons in Chapter Three of Preach My Gospel because they are the most important thing here in the mission. If they don´t know the doctrine, they can´t teach it. Have them prepare now so they don´t spend the first six months of their missions learning the lessons before they can become effective teachers. Learn it now.

Thank you for your support. I appreciate your prayers. I know that through your faith I am being protected and having success in my mission.

Thank you,

Elder Goode


  1. Wow, that wild boar was GROSS! I really have been enjoying the slideshow. Curtis looks so tall compared to the other missionaries! How tall is he? It is probably just because the other missionaries are short. :) That is some good advice about studying chapter 3. I'm thinking about doing that for family home evening for the next little while. There are a lot of missionary opportunities here in Ohio. It is probably good advice for everyone, not just prospective missionaries. I didn't realize Clain was so close to going on a mission, too. I thought he was quite a bit younger than Curtis. I guess I was wrong. I would love to see pictures of the rest of your kids. The best thing would be for me to go to your other picture sight. I'm pretty sure I have that address. Thanks again for posting all these letters. I love reading them!

  2. Curtis is 6 foot 3 inches. That is huge compared to the Ecuadorian people. He says he is one to two feet taller than all of them. There are several other tall missionaries down there, but I don't think any as big and broad as he is. At least I haven't seen any yet in the photos.

    Clain will turn 18 on June 1st. He and Curtis are just under two years apart, so it could end up that Clain will leave before Curtis gets home and they will go four years without seeing each other.

    I have some photos on Facebook. Do you have a Facebook account? There is a link to my photo site on the left nav bar of Curtis's blog. It says Elder Goode's Mission Photos and Videos. That has just the mission stuff. I will have to send you the other link later. I am at school and can't access that site from here. It is blocked by our district. I will try to remember to send it to you from home.