Monday, March 2, 2009

2009_03_02 Week 19 Balzar Mom

Hey! How are things going? We didn’t have our baptisms this week. We had a few set backs. Last Monday, Ginger had a miscarriage and the doctor told her that she needs to stay in bed for three months. We visited her Tuesday and taught the Plan of Salvation again and explained that babies don’t need to be baptized. We read in Moroni 8: 11-12 that children are alive in Christ and that they don’t need baptized. We also taught about blessings and encouraged her to ask for a blessing from her soon to be father-in-law. We found out later that she did ask and receive the blessing and yesterday when we visited them in the evening, Ginger was up and walking, but only a little. They said that she is feeling a lot better now so we think that by the end of this change in April that Ginger and Rony will be baptized. We still need to get the Papel de Votacion for Ginger, but that won’t be hard to get now. We have a few weeks to plan and figure it all out.

We are planning on another baptism this Saturday, but we have a problem. The spouse of our investigator doesn’t want to get married. She also doesn’t want to talk to us. The other day, we visited the house and asked for our investigator, Kilo, but they said that he wasn’t home, so we asked for the wife, but the daughter (we were conversing through the window) looked behind her in the house and then responded that the wife wasn’t home either. So we left. We had gone about a block when we found our investigator walking towards his house, so we went with him back to his house and entered the house with him. The wife was there and when she saw us enter with her husband she had a look of terror on her face. She went into the kitchen. We started the lesson and then invited everybody in the house to come watch a video with us. We asked for the wife, but the kids said that the mom had left the house through the back door, so we are fairly certain that she doesn’t want to talk to us. We are fairly certain that if we talk to her we can convince her to be married, but she doesn’t want to talk to us. But President Ruiz said that he would talk to her and get the papers that we need to get them married. I guess we will see what happens.

We have Zone Conference this week on Wednesday. A General Authority is coming to talk to us, so it will be really good.

Hi Curtis,

Sorry about the baptisms falling through, but maybe it is better this way. Maybe after Ginger and Rony are married, they can start a family the right way with the Lord's blessings. I hope your other family and baptisms will work out. It is probably really hard there with the Catholic Church playing such an important part in the culture. I am sure it is a hard thing for many to give up their old ways and to worry about losing friends and family if they leave the Catholic Church. Do you have other investigators that you are working with?

Did you get any packages?

Tell me more about the Conference. Is this a whole Mission Conference? Are you going to Guayaquil for the Conference?

No I haven’t received any new packages yet, but maybe this week I will.

Okay. I hope so. I have worried about these with the knife and the camera. Have you tried watching any of the videos you have taken with the camera you bought down there on a computer? Does the manual tell you anything about the audio?

The manual doesn’t say anything about the audio, but I am downloading all of my pictures to the computer right now to make CDs to send to you. I will try to listen to see if there is audio with the videos when they are downloaded.

Okay. What kind of a player does Elder Alcocer have? If I put the music on a DVD, he probably couldn't play it on a CD player. Can you transfer music to an Ipod or whatever player he has at the Cyber Café you use? If I send you any new CDs, do you have a way to put the music on your ipod?

Elder Alcoer wants the music for when he leaves for his house. A DVD will be fine because he can transfer it to whatever format when he gets back to his house. I don’t need any more music. What I have is fine. Elder Alcocer also has a portable DVD player that he can play the music on.

Can you send me a replacement head for my razor? The one I have is getting dull. My razor is a Remington model 450 with the three heads and also two or three Tide Pens? They are life savers here in the mission.

Okay. I will see what I can do. Does Elder Alcocer want all the English music or just the Spanish ones?

All of it. He is learning English here in the mission, so he can understand parts of the music and he wants to learn to understand all of the music.

Well it is time for me to go, so I will talk to you next week. I love you.


Elder Goode

I love you, too. Have a really great week!



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