Monday, March 30, 2009

2009_03_04 Quevedo Sur Zone Conference

Mom wrote Mon, 30 Mar 2009 00:32:27 -0600

Dear Curtis,

The Assistants to the President sent you out a photo of the Quevedo Sur Zone in your email last week. I have tried to identify all of the missionaries in the photo. Can you tell me how well I did and add in the three I am missing? Who is the other District Leader and which District Leader is yours? Can you tell me how the companionships go together? I put down the ones I know from reading letters.

On the back row of Elders from left to right are:

Elder Ronnow, the Zone Leader

Elder Goode, our wonderful missionary son

Elder Williams

Elder Abriel, a District Leader

Elder ? Navarro a district leader

On the middle row of Elders from left to right are:

Elder ? Suquillo

Elder Verastegui a district leader

Elder Felt

Elder ? Henriquez

Elder Alcocer, Curtis's second companion in Ecuador

On the front row of Elders from left to right are:

Elder Chiza

Elder Faundez

Elder Fuenealba

Elder Lutmann

Elder Nordgren a district leader and now the new secratary of the mission

Elder Smith

The three Elder ?s are Elder Henriquez, Elder Suquillo and Elder Navarro.


Elder Ronnow and Elder Felt

Elder Abriel and ? Williams

Elder Alcocer and Elder Goode

Elder Navarro and Elder Smith

Elder Faundez and Elder Chiza

Elder Verastegui and Elder ? Henriquez

Elder Fuentealba and Elder ? Suquillo

Elder Nordgran and Elder ? Luttman

The four that I don’t know are:

Elder Williams

Elder Henriquez

Elder Suquillo

Elder Lutmann

Thanks Curtis. I appreciate you sending me this. Have you had a great week?

Yeah, but I gotta go. Bye. I love you!

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