Monday, March 2, 2009

2009_03_02 Week 19 Balzar Dad

Mom sent Curtis some photos this week with her email to him. Skyler Gailey is Curtis's best friend. He has had some health problems which have kept him from going on a mission. Skyler went on a hunt this week for wild boar.

Skyler Gailey's new truck.

The wild boar Skyler shot with his bow and arrow.

Dear Curtis,

How is everything going? Are you feeling ok? Did you have any baptisms this week? I hope so. I can remember when we had baptisms. It was so neat.

I have had a bad week with my back. I finely figured out that ice was not helping it. The ice was putting it in spasms, so I could not move much at all. Saturday I figured it out that heat was better for it. Then it started to feel better.

Yesterday after church, we went to Shara’s and I had Rob and Jeff give me a blessing. Things are going to be better now. I also have a Dr. appointment in a week, on the 9th, with a new Dr. that deals with back and spine pain. I have had to wait a month to see him.

I put the boys in for the hunts. They have a new youth Elk hunt. It is in November, so I put Clain in for it. It is over by Vernal. This will be the last time Clain can put in for that hunt. I also put Braxton in for the deer hunt.

Anything exciting happen this week to you and your comp? Any types of new bugs, birds or animals you have seen? The Snow Geese are here. I have seen thousands of them. I wish you could shoot them here, but it is only open in the north zone. We went over to 1300 and took some videos of them landing and taking off the other night. It was cool.

We has a pep assembly this morning so I had some time to email you. Class has started, so I will check back later. I Love You.



We didn´t have our baptisms this week. We had some setbacks, but that is ok.

That is cool. I hope Clain can draw out for the hunts, especially the youth hunt. Tell Clain to enjoy his last year of the hunts. I know he still has more than a year before he can leave on his mission, but time sure flies. I can´t believe that this is my fourth change here in Balzar already. Tell Clain to study Preach My Gospel Chapter Three. It is important that he knows the lessons before he leaves for the mission. It will give him a head start in his mission. He won´t spend the first six months of his mission learning the lessons and how to teach them.

Tell Skyler to email me.

Dear Curtis,

I forgot to ask you have you received your package with the knife yet?

I Love You! Love, Dad

Skyler has been sending you emails. We found out he has been sending them to the wrong address. Did you get your package with your knife yet?

Oh well, tell him to send me a message to the correct address. No I haven´t received the package yet, but maybe this week I will.

Sounds good. He said he was going to send you one to the right address. I guess he has not done that yet. Anything interesting happen to you this week?

This week, I was in Palestina visiting a family there. Many of the houses here are built on stilts. This family was the same. Their house is about six feet above the ground, with a ladder to enter the house. After our visit, we were leaving the house, first Elder Alcocer and then Benjamin Samaniego, a teenage member, that was with us, and then I left the house. The ladder had about six rungs. I stepped down one and then when I went to step to the second one my foot slipped and I fell and landed on my but in a sitting position on the ground. I think it is the fastest I have ever left a house in my life. I am fine! No damage, just my pride, but we all had a good laugh about it anyways, so it is ok.

Well, I have to go, but tell Skyler “Felicitaciones para su chanco” or congratulations for the pig. It looks like a good one and should taste really good.

Bye, love you,

Elder Goode

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