Monday, March 30, 2009

2009_03_30 Balzar Week 23 Mom

Mom wrote on Monday, Mar 2009 00:48:10 -0600

How did you lose your Censo? Tell me the truth. Did you get robbed again? Did they take your wallet? I just can't imagine how else you would lose something so important. Please explain in detail.

I was in a bus and my white bible with my Censo and twenty dollars fell out of my pocket in the seat. That is how I lost my Censo.

Which CDs of music does Elder Alcocer like best?

(no answer)

Which elders did you eat with in Guayaquil? Why were they down in Guayaquil that day?

Elder Abriel and Elder Williams were in Guayaquil, but we ended up not eating with them, but they were there to take Elder Nordgran to the office, because he is the new Secretary of the Mission.

Why do they call the Secretary of Materials the Pouch Monkey? Is that a term used for everyone who holds that position or just his particular Elder?

That is the term that everyone uses for the name of the secretary of materials, not just this one, all of them.

Are you happy?


Are you healthy?


How is your stomach doing? Do you still have diarrhea?

I am doing much better.

How are your feet doing? Are your shoes still in good shape?

Yeah my feet are fine. They don´t hurt, so I don´t do anything to them. If it isn´t broke, don´t fix it.

Are you taking allergy medicine now or doing okay without it?

No, I am doing fine without it.

Are you taking your vitamins each day?

No, but the abundant rice I am eating every day has tons of vitamins and minerals that the body needs, so I am fine.

Are the mosquitos getting bad yet?

No, they aren´t.

Have you sent me a CD of photos? A letter? A card?

No, no and no.

How are you coming on memorizing all of the scriptures?

It is coming a little slow, but it is coming.

How are Rony and Ginger doing?

They aren´t progressing. They did get married, but we have dropped them for now as investigators.

How are Ricardo and Maria doing? Did Ricardo get prepared to perform the baptism of his daughter? Has that happened yet?

The baptism will be in May. They are working on it. They aren’t coming to church every week, so we are working on that right now.

How is your branch in Relicario doing?

They are doing good, no problems.

Has Mariella made any progress towards getting baptized?

No. We dropped Mariella, too. She stopped progressing when we told her she needed to get married or leave the house she was living in.

I love you so much and I am so very proud of you.

Love always and forever,


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