Monday, March 23, 2009

2009_03_23 Week 22 Balzar Dad

Dad wrote on Mon, 23 Mar 2009 08:52:51 -0600

Dear Curtis,

How is everything going? How are your investigators doing? I am in a digital photo class at school. Mr. Davenport is teaching. It is a Quality Teaching Day. I got a call Saturday from the mission home. I cannot remember the Elder’s name. He said that you had received the 3 packages. How are the knife and camera? Mom sent two more packages Friday. She found a shaver head on ebay, so it is on its way.

Mike Kinghorn is a former student of mine and also worked for me during the summer. He is a fish and game officer. He wants to take Clain, Braxton and me out in air boats and round up the geese and band them in May. I think that will be fun. I have the birds out 50 miles now and have not lost any. I did have two bands not scanning so I thought I was out two birds, but they are all there.

We went to the temple dedication yesterday. That was cool. I hope you don’t have another experience like you had on the bus last week. I am glad you are all right. I will keep checking my email during the class. I love You.



Things are doing good here in Ecuador. I am in Guayaquil, because I lost my senso and I had to come to Guayaquil to denounce my censo so that I can get another one. I got two of my packages today, the camera and the knife, so I am happy. I will get the other package Wednesday. The Geese sounds like fun. You should see if Skyler can go with you, too. He would like that. Take lots of pictures of the geese for me.

I was wondering because it is later than usual. Did Skyler email you? What was the Elder’s name that called me?

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