Monday, March 23, 2009

2009_03_23 Week 22 Balzar Mom

Hi! How are things going today?

I got an email from Skyler today saying that he is engaged and that he will be getting married the 25th of June. I am happy for him. I am glad that he is finally settling. Maybe now he will be a little more calm. Maybe he won´t be so wild now, but who knows.

So how are things? I am in Guayaquil right now, because I lost my censo, so I had to come into Guayaquil to denounce my censo, so that I can get another one. So I am here, but there are a couple other elders here that are in my zone. So we are going to eat lunch with them today, here in Guayaquil.

I got two of the three packages today and I will get the third this Wednesday. The pouch monkey is named Elder Salazar. He was taught how to be the Secretary of Materials by Elder Alcocer. He is the one that called you. I told him thanks and let him try the deer jerky. The packages arrived unopened and everything was fine. The camera was fine, too. We had a baptism this week. His name is Jorge Luiz Vasquez Bueno. He is the older brother of a member, but this member is inactive and has problems with the Word of Wisdom, so we are working with him, too. The baptism went good.

Well tell Skyler good luck and that I send my love. Tell everybody that I love them.

Elder Goode

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